Month: November 2021

Let The Christmas Decorating Commence

We can only hope… in these troubling times. And so there is an abundance of Christmas lights all throughout my home. How do you decorate?

Desserts: All About the Cherry

I seldom indulge in dessert, I mean pie, cheesecake, doughnuts and all things too doughy. But for Thanksgiving I need pie, or cobbler – cherry that is and I won’t settle for anything else. So here’s to cherry dessert lovers! A search full of cherry desserts to try. But just so we are clear – I serve this French variation to cherry-delightness, or this one all year around. What is your favorite fruity dessert?

Collection of Recipes – Thanksgiving 2021

The countdown has begun here in the states, and the pressure is on naturally for all those planning to feed the clan. I, for one, have not slept for more than a few hours each night this week. Can’t really say it is because of Thanksgiving dinner. But when I am up, I do think about dessert and some of the trimmings. Then I mentally scan the cupboards to note which and what ingredients might be missing. Now, although I am planning on remaining basic, in terms of the menu. I do find myself wanting to switch it up a bit…mostly the sides and you guessed it, desserts. Here’s a link to Turkey, or a bird of your choice recipes to consider.

Thanksgiving 2021

Considering where we were last year around this time, in terms of gatherings and celebrations, I think this year, we truly need to redefine the meaning of Thanksgiving. This was the thought going through my head while grocery shopping yesterday for the very holiday. I found myself, sort of in a transient vibe, while searching for and gathering the ingredients for the trimmings. As you know from years before, we do not eat Turkey in our household. I decided to stuff acorns this year, and bypass the sweet potatoes for some colorful carrots roasted in the oven. Corn is a must for the fam, mashed potatoes, I am on the fence about. And the bird-rotisserie chicken, a small side dish of sliced ham garnished with pineapple and cloves, Brussel sprouts, and homemade cranberry sauce. Simple and very traditional. But right before we dive in, I want everyone to stop all things electronic, and simply express the most heartfelt appreciation for what we have all gone through, together and yet worlds apart. That’s how I see …

Virtual Travel To Ireland

Do you select a film to watch based on location? Let me clarify. I understand selecting a movie to watch is normally based upon genre, actors as well as the story line. But do you ever search for films based on location? I do and last night it was all about Ireland. You see, I haven’t been to Ireland and it is one destination that I put on my list of destinations to visit in 2020. And we know what happened to the world as we once knew it. So until I feel safe enough to travel, films on location will simply have to do. Finding You – based on a novel by Jenny B Jones is certainly worth seeing for a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful countryside in Ireland. I found myself swooning over the breathtaking scenery and the small towns along the way. The storyline was also interesting as it touched upon connections between generations and the ways of thinking and living. Shattered dreams, broken hearts, funny moments and some …

Staying in Touch…Professionally

After an hour’s conversation last night with my previous manager, I felt much better about myself. Naturally, this beckoned me to pose several questions here. Do you stay in touch with a previous boss? Or a co-worker who isn’t technically a friend, but rather someone you stay in touch with. Not via social media, but where a call is initiated and verbal conversations are had. Who initiates the staying in touch? You or them? What are the conversations about? Catching up or serious topics about your profession? Do you find yourself opening up, or simply keeping appearances? Do you end the call, thinking perhaps you should not have said that? As the tables are turned or while I wear the shoe on the other foot…as a boss, I have to admit that I stay in touch with members of my staff. Mostly to catch up, discuss a bit about their job, my job and share a few laughs about our time together. I don’t mind if they share too much or not enough. But I …

Topics of Interest

It’s only Thursday, but for my post time-change-over-the-weekend brain, it feels like it should be a Saturday or June for that matter. Nevertheless, my day is filled with meetings. To the point that sitting still during a video call with a poker face is becoming more and more challenging. As I find my mind drifting off to the winding and narrow back streets of Cannes. Yes the one in France. That’s where I am inside my head, while perched on a ergonomic chair, looking at the camera. Why Cannes, I don’t know. But 20 minutes into a meeting, and I am whisked away to those streets. When the meetings are done, I walk from my desk to my bed and lay there for a second or two in an effort to clear my head or plan dinner. That is until someone pings me for attention… So in case you feel the need to escape from all things mundane, read on. For the love of Downtown Abbey, you’ll be glad to know the sequel A New …

Definition of Cozy

It’s been raining here in San Francisco for a few days now and I could not be happier. We need the rain in California as much as the next place experiencing drought. This morning I put on my sweater, fuzzy slippers and turned on the heat, feeling the need to be cozy, even while I work remotely. So here’s to coziness…

An Invitation To Guest Post on Raw Silk and Saffron

We are interested in starting a community of like-minded humans right here on Raw Silk and Saffron. This is all in the name of fun and sharing and nothing more about… Travel Parenting Grandparenting Hobbies Environment Novelists or those who take creative writing seriously Film Buffs Photographers Lovers of food and wine and chocolate naturally So here’s what you need to so. Send your topic via email or below form. Something informative, funny, helpful, inspirational and in exchange (if contents are approved) we will share it right here on Raw Silk and Saffron.

Saturday Topics

One of the things I do appreciate at my day job is, at the start of any zoom meeting, the host would say: Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all of you and thank you for joining. Not sure about the rest of the attendees, but I sort of take a step back and reflect on all those getting ready to start the day, the ones planning their lunch and even the poor souls who have to be on way past their working hours to attend a global meeting…I wonder about the scene behind the image of them sitting still in front of the camera. For me it is always at 5a.m., having rolled out of bed, with a cup of tea in hand, hoping no one would need me to talk about anything so intense. What do you do during a zoom call? I woke up very early this morning to get to the local grocer to pick up eggs and some breakfast goods. On the drive back, I actually pulled over …