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Friday Interesting Travel Topics Online

My head is always in the clouds, or somewhere else from where I am currently, lounging perhaps poolside in a French Riviera resort or walking the cobblestoned streets through an English coastal town. So the search for travel topics let me down this road: The private village of Clovelly in England, which charges a fee to visit. Egypt’s city of El Gouna doing their best to be mindful of the environment is worth a read for like minded folks such as myself The wonderment of the Aztec civilization history is one I will always share here. While enroute somewhere do you watch for signs that announce the places you have left and the place you have arrived? I remember once in Europe, I crossed a bridge on foot connecting one small town in France to another in Switzerland. Can’t remember where it was, but felt insanely invigorating doing something like that. In light of the curiosity, I am sharing this article about towns crossing borders, or borders crossing through towns. Lastly, click away here for …

Travel: Layover Mini Tours

Here’s an interesting concept for those who would rather do something extraordinary during a layover – than just sit or pace the boarding area of a crowded airport – take advantage of a mini tour offered by these flight connecting destinations: Here’s something you might enjoy – Michigan’s Lavender Labyrinth

Film Locations Travel Destination

I took a film history class while in college, mostly to fulfill the electives portion of my degree program.  The course outline was to introduce the students to film making from the very beginning – from the Lumiere brothers short films made in Paris in 1895 onward.  On the first day of class, the professor gave us a one question quiz  – why do we go see films? My answer, along with everyone else in the classroom was – mostly to escape. Which apparently was not the correct answer, and so she went on to explain the many reasons  otherwise. The funny thing is no one in the classroom accepted her list and even to this day, I firmly believe that most folks go see a film to escape. So, if you think like me – then here’s a list of travel destinations to check out – where some of the best of films were made: {Salzburg photo source} {photo source for Cortona, Italy} {photo source for Nuuk, Greenland}   {Scotland photo source} {featured photo …

Travel: Planning With Purpose

Besides getting away from life, travel should also be to learn about history, culture and all things that make up this wonderful world of ours. So, when I plan my trips abroad or domestic, I always go with purpose, and I share my travel topics with reasons – to hopefully inspire folks to travel outside of their comfort zone and past all the rest and relaxation concept.

Travel: For The Adventurist at Heart

For some people the norm is boring – you know the week long island vacation, sipping a tropical drink by the poolside, or a 7-day museum pass for Paris to spend a week indoors, staring at art and then there is the pasta lovers trip that’s been overdone – according to some. So, if you fall into the category of sitting across your travel partner over Saturday morning breakfast asking yourselves ‘where to go?’ consider the following adventure geared, from this list for best 2018 travel destinations:

Adventure Travel For All Type

As I’ve mentioned before I was a travel agent at one point in my life, and I have to say that was one of my favorite jobs – you know – making people feel good by traveling. Out company, although mostly for student travel, we also offered up adventure travel – past the typical tours, we specialized in booking folks on adventures of all types – and each time we sent someone off on one of those speciality adventures, they came back raving, and wanting to book more. In line with this topic, I have found a pretty good site for those interested in soft adventure, or one that is rigorous, for families or without, groups or thrill seekers. Check out what I mean: