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Today’s Focal Point

I’ve turned to quotes most of my life to get me through some things…and I think out of the dozen or so, this is the most fitting for today… quote source

Unintentional Break

Last week was a continuation of previous weeks x two. Which has me wondering – why does everything require a zoom meeting? The idea of needing a scheduled call to ‘be on the same page’ has me booked up through the end of April. Not complaining just sharing too much information. But in all honesty I have missed staying connected here and do want to know how everyone is truly doing out there as we watch our world shift and change. And humanity be swayed in every direction imaginable to feel and think a certain way. I do my best to focus on the positive and live my life as simply as possible. Some of the things that keep me motivated are the stuff I am thankful and very grateful for. Have a nice day…

Lifestyle: How to Celebrate a Centenarian Birthday

While walking across the city – five miles or so as often as possible, my partner and I discuss longevity and our plans for when and if we are too sick to care for ourselves. Yes, this is a big concern, more so since COVID and the fight to be mindful of the elderly. I keep mentioning 80 as my number and based on the lifespan and ailments in my family, I figured the number makes sense. Weird topic to ponder over, maybe. But when our wold has become so small, and the problems have become bigger than anticipated, your mind will go there at some point or another. The other day I watch Down to Earth on Netflix, where Actor Zac Efron travels the world with Darin Olien, a wellness expert to explore healthy, sustainable ways of living. Episode 4 – was the understanding of Sardinia’s centenarian generation and their lifestyle – which implied, eat lots of pasta, walk, and keep a positive approach to life and avoid stress. (Can you see my eyes …

Topics of Conversation From Around The World

In my efforts to remain positive and a little distracted from what’s become the norm these past few months, I want to share some interesting articles I found online which might be fun for trivia with the household, or zoom-chats across the globe. Call me a nerd – I don’t care 🙂 And if the above is a pass – then consider this 10 positive habits to adopt right now   {featured image source}

Travel: Some Fun Facts to Ponder Over While Social Distancing

Couple of weeks back, I visited the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. I haven’t been for over a decade. I have to say I was enlightened over again about our planet, the birds and the bees (literally), and the universe and the bodies of water around the world. These sort of reminders had me turning to the History channel more often these days to learn more about the fascinating. So I started to think last night, when I finally came to terms that I need to postpone all travels I had planned for the year to perhaps as far into the future as next year. But since I love travel, and some of you are the same, I figured to readjust my travel series to fun facts rather behind every travel. The reason for social distancing – if you aren’t taking it seriously

Saturday Interesting Distractions From The Internet

I always tell myself to take a break on the weekends from being on the computer – which I do for the most part. But sometimes I am too excited about sharing what I consider interesting distractions or good things to know about. So go grab that cup of coffee or tea and simply enjoy… {featured image source and inspiration}

We’ll Just Take It All In

Woke up this morning to pick up a package Amazon had left at my doorstep and noticed the flashing lights of a police cars a few houses down, and all of a sudden a flash light was pointed at my face-the officer asking me if the car parked out front which was hit was mine, to which I answered No and pointed out my car, parked behind the one hit.  He shone the light on my car and asked me to inspect the side facing the street with him. Apparently someone hit a row of cars half an hour earlier and the officer wanted to make sure my car wasn’t impacted.   You can imagine my stupor, followed by the need to walk down the street to see if my neighbors were okay. Then after all the conversations, I decided it was best I work from home and find  ways to self-distract before diving into a meeting call as if nothing had happened. Here’s What to focus on today – Enjoy the moments

Off The Radar For A Few Days

My body and mind usually tell me when it’s time to escape the norm, even if only for a few days, and spend time with family or friends, who through their lifestyles, can yield a new perspective on my own – whether positive or negative. Some time away from your daily is important for clarity to make the right choices, better decisions to achieve the best lifestyle possible. Over the long holiday weekend, I had the chance to ponder over some things that you might relate to…or not. What if you cannot forgive someone?  What if you’ve become someone’s toxic person?  What if you have fallen out of love?  What if you’ve forgotten how to love?   Is it more important to show love or say “I Love you”  How do you measure love?   What if you live in fear more often than not? Are you too late to have a happy ending?  Why do some people smile all the time?  Why do some  live in denial?  Why do you feel alone even when there are …

Tuesday Feels Like A Monday

I took a few days off social media and all,  to take a drive down to central coast with my mother. A last-minute unplanned birthday surprise for her. I still can’t get over the smile across the face, when I told her I wanted her to come along. She packed faster than I have ever seen her do so, and got ready. It was cute. We loaded up the rental car with snacks, her making  my favorite grilled cheese sandwich, “for later, you know so you have energy to drive,” she said showing me the neatly wrapped stack of sandwiches. All I could do was laugh. She’s adorable. Aging gracefully even though she doesn’t believe it and my family adores her. On Friday, her birthday, we left at nine in the morning, and drove on 101 down south, along the way, her reading the signs and announcing the miles remaining to our destination. Noticing also, all the new developments taking shape on either side of the freeway, and the leaves turning to amber, and all …

Lifestyle: Looking At the Bright Side of Things

In speaking with a few important people in my life, I realized the other day, that I do a lot of talks of encouragement and positive thinking when helping to ward off the insecurities we all feel once in a while or sometimes even all the time. I also email/share articles to support my approach. Sort of like these: