Month: September 2016

Lifestyle: Turning Fifty or Staying forty-something?

This topic  came to me a few weeks ago, when I got an email-invite for my cousin’s 50th birthday party that his wife decided to throw for him.  She sent me a text afterward  asking if we could make it considering the one hour drive to the venue. I immediately told her we would, thinking since they were one of the couples moving away, it would probably be the last time I see them for a while. Unless of course they came back to the city or I went down to Los Angeles with the sole intend to visit family – which I hate to admit – I am not good at. The visiting family part. Note to self here, I need to work on that. The moral of this blog post is that after I turned 30, I decided I would never have a birthday party again nor a celebration of it. Instead I would simply go away for a weekend or a few weeks somewhere far away and deal with getting older. Even …

Fashion: Dusty Rose Is My Classic Color Pick

Love the color rose or a variation of dusty pink. In fact, so much I declared 2016 to be the pink year in color.  At least for me.  And now, three months left to the year, October being breast cancer awareness month, I have to say I have gone mostly pink by adding  these to my pink collection:

Fashion: Fall Casual Picks

Yes we are officially in fall – at least based on the calendar here in San Francisco, where we are FINALLY experiencing some HOT weather – our Indian Summer has arrived FINALLY.  Sorry if the caps are irritating, but I am excited to be wearing summer clothes in the fall, like we usually do here. But, over the weekend, I walked through an outdoor mall, and although it was too hot to try on anything warm and fuzzy, I fell for: This sweater in the three colors from Madewell This dress from Anthropologie Plaid Jacquard dress from my favorite Kate Spade Shoes in abundance from Nordstrom – and I mean that – I can buy a pair of everything in sight if I had the wallet of the Kardashians. In the meantime here’s my favorite   Happy Monday!!! And if you happen to be in San Francisco – please drink lots of water – 🙂

Lifestyle: Why Do We Really Move From Place to Place

Strange title or a very long one I suppose. But I wanted to make sure I get my point across in 50 words or less. This topic kept me up the other night because a few of my co-workers have decided to move away from the city.  One person all the way to the UK, the other to Colorado, one to Houston, Texas, another to Pleasant Hill, California and one to  Hawaii. With this new chapter in my life – yes I do take everything personally – I also discovered two blogger I follow also made that move from the bay area all the way to Charleston, South Carolina and the other to Los Angeles. Let’s not even mention my extended family from Sacramento to Omaha, and another from San Jose to Los Angeles. I can’t help but think about how it is someone decides it’s time to make that move. Meaning to say. I moved away to Sacramento for eight years a few years back and then came right back to San Francisco, realizing …

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 12

My mind is all over the place lately, trying to juggle too much while pretending I am not thinking too much about them.  This morning, after a grueling telephone conversation with a friend in desperate need of some advise, I decided to go straight to the internet for some good old-fashioned distraction, and here’s what put a smile on my face. On fairy doors: I bought Veda a fairy door as a gift. It doesn’t open, but sometimes at night a fairy (I named her Ivy Oakbrier!) will “come through” the door and leave behind handwritten notes, trinkets or tiny glitter footprints. In return, Veda will put out pictures, notes and elaborate set-ups for the fairy to play in. It’s fun to see her sense of wonderment, and it’s also a great learning tool. If her room hasn’t been cleaned up for days in a row, the fairy will gently mention that she would have liked to have visited but couldn’t get past the mess!

For The Love of Fashion and Art

It’s no news that fashion and art go hand in hand when conjuring up a spread in a magazine, the runway and naturally for over the internet. Whether it’s for every day wear, or haute couture, what sets the perfect tone and balance is the ambiance that is created. Here’s from my latest ooh-ahhh moment as I stared with my eyes wide open at these beautiful images of Gigi Hadid: {for more go here}

Food: Something with Sweet Potato, Cheese, Cajun…Amazing

Last night I craved soup – considering how cold the city is THIS Indian Summer (eye roll). We had a sweet potato and ginger boxed soup from, you guessed it, Trader Joe’s. It was missing something I thought, so I added bacon bits, and a side slice of yogurt cheese, you guessed it, from Trader Joe’s :). A day later I discovered this recipe and as usual had to share with all of you probably the BEST sweet potato recipe ever – this site gets me for sure. I mean check this out for the drizzle… 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 large or 2 small cloves of garlic, minced or grated 1/2 cup milk + more if needed 1 1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese or smoked gouda cheese + 1 tablespoon flour 1 teaspoon seasoned salt + pepper

What Is Streaming Through My Head

At the end of each week, I summarize in my head all the things I managed to accomplish and those items still lingering.  With that list I try to see the good in all that I’ve done, and what I’ve learned from the bad things that happened and try hard not to repeat them.  And then I wonder if I am an oddball in the way I feel or think. That is until I am surrounded by folks in gatherings of sorts, when I realize we are all the same in the ways we think, do, feel, stress and even be happy about. This past week I attended several gatherings.  A farewell dinner for a very close co-worker. The Armenian Food Festival in San Francisco, and an employee appreciation lunch cruise around the bay area, and in those environments I was able to once again confirmed what I’ve known but choose to tune out about how we are all the same no matter the race, and culture and upbringing. To keep this topic very light …