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Lifestyle: Wedding Or A Great Milestone Venue

I went all out for the party on Saturday – with the most and the best of decor. Not bragging, just stating how much I enjoyed planning and executing the event. Since then, I’ve been fixed on more party planning,  and have already received a few phone calls to help organize a small wedding venue from the caterer, who I thought was kidding when she said she knew how to get a hold of me if need be. And naturally, the internet reads my mind and sends my way, topics geared towards whatever it is I am obsessing about – like this gorgeous wedding venue.   Also, would you consider wearing a colorful gown for your wedding?

Fashion: Sexy and Bold Wedding Gowns

I think, if personalized, these gowns would best fit for the stars walking down some red carpet. A gala perhaps, the styles in soft blues, and lavender, white and even black. And if a bride chooses the fashion for her special day, then I give her . Either way, can you guess which is my absolute favorite?

holiday party dress on a shoestring

 I know you may think it’s too early to shop for party dresses for the impending holiday season, but in all reality it’s just around the corner.  Company events, cocktail parties, get together(s) and even weddings – in less than a month away. . So, it’s not that early. The benefit of shopping now is to, save yourself from the agony of looking for something in your size, reasonably prices and versatile.  I always go black and on occasion, I shift my choice to very subtle colors or a pop of red.  Nordstrom is promoting their holiday dresses at the moment by means of email blast and since I happen to be on their list, I got a first (or not) look at their inventory and here are my picks for the perfectly priced party dress.