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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

The air quality near San Francisco is deemed very unhealthy this morning, seems almost overnight new fires have sparked or spread. Since by Thursday morning we were able to breathe a little, but throughout the night it became unbearable once again-this time the smell of rubber burning is the best way to describe  it.  What’s worse is that there is no rain  in the forecast, so the idea of this situation lingering on, is concerning. Our next door neighbor decided to have a small classroom in the garage of his home. Where six kids plus their parents would try their best to give their children the classroom experience needed for positive development. They kids have recess in the backyard, and a lunch time outdoors, all monitored by different parents each day. It’s kind of refreshing, since their time for a break, is the time I take my break from my computer, which I normally don’t do. Discovering new trails is pretty much out of the question for us this weekend, as there is nowhere to …

Travel: Italian Beaches

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was as good as it can be under the circumstances. I know I tried my best to stay on the upside, even while the downside was eating away at me. I walked across town on Saturday, and did much pondering and decision making over the current events shaping up or dismantling all that we have known and many things we never knew about but should. Sunday, I spent the day writing, and editing and figuring out all the wonderful topics and things I want to share this week with you all right here. Starting with this list of Italian beaches I want to experience, when travelling is safely altered to align with today’s environment. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming and adding to my travel bucket list. {featured images and source full credit}

What We’re Loving This Wednesday

Last night a family member called in need of company while cooped up in a hotel room away from his home. For work naturally.  Usually he would joke and send interesting text messages, but his tone last night had me worried. So we engaged in conversation, him comparing mostly all the new ordinances being put in place for the state he lives in to the one we’ve mastered here in California – now going on six weeks or more in some places. By the end of the conversation he thanked us for being there for him and I reminded him to avoid panic, that everything will be okay. It’s a hardcore transition we are all going through, but one we need to see the good more than the bad so we can endure and come out the other end stronger than ever. Afterwards, I lay in bed, as usual reflecting on all the events that shaped the day, and I smiled, because I was more fixed on the positive, like these…