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Culture: Halloween Appetizers and Films

I was in Hawaii last week, and was amazed at how seriously Halloween is taken there. I don’t know what I was thinking – on a romantic tropical island, for Halloween preparation to trump over most everything pleasantly surprised me. So, we must prep here on the mainland and across the world for this growing and very popular holiday by sharing some interesting topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this post}

Health and Beauty: Just Talks Of Hair

I’ve gone out-of-town  – across the pond – to hibernate for the holidays, and while on some sort of zen, I have decided not to make-up, nor do my hair and pretty much have been spending my days thinking, writing, doing more thinking and reading, but I hate to admit – I’m still VPN working at nights, California time. I realize since I’ve been here, that I miss my otherwise naturally curly long hair from when I was in my thirties. And just when I was about to search for the best of products to perhaps bring back my curls, this popped up. And you know when something I’m thinking about streams online, it is a hint that I need to discuss it here. For all other options – go here For a list of the best hair care products – go here

Health And Beauty: How and Why

I saw children dressed in pressed school uniforms, carrying new backpacks, and wearing trendy shoes, on the commuter train yesterday, and immediately looked at the calendar app on my i-Phone. I can’t believe – back to school season – is upon us. Which is a wonderful and crazy thing – compounding to the already chaotic city life with kids blending throughout, starting school. And so I remained on my phone throughout the ride, in an effort to tune out the yell-talking across the train, the kicking and shoving, horsing around, and all things that remind us that being youthful is simply a part of life. Here’s what I tagged to share today: There is a list of five books that is said to change your life – if you are looking for ways to improve or realign yourself. Thirteen Things 1. Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, and Karen Dillon Finding …

Hair Colors Beyond Fall 2017

I walked into a salon the other day and tried my best to describe what hair color(s) I am interested to experiment with before the year is over. And after showing me a variety of choices I had, the stylist or colorist and I settled on – can you guess which one? And here’s a list of best hairstyles for women over 40 or you know what – for just about anyone who wants a new look before the holiday parties are in full swing: So can you guess which hair color I went with?

A Girl Can Dream…

Once in a while I swoon over the idea of doing something extraordinary for myself. I imagine it, consider it, then talk myself out of it. Recent events being buying a much-needed new car, or an upgraded smart phone.  Even pampering myself. But I decided this morning, while struggling with my hair to cooperate the style I chose, thinking I may need a trim for it to stay properly in place – I vowed at that I would do something spectacular for myself every other month or so in 2018. Well, in light of this topic, here’s a far-fetched wishful thinking of mine – to spend a day at…   Has that ever happened to you? Where or what is it that you wish you could do?

Lifestyle: How To’s

Today’s list of how-to’s are for those of us – sometimes in need of a reminder or a new outlook on doing the same old thing. For example: How to CULL your wardrobe. Since I’ve taken this week off from work to do my bit of ‘AUTUMN’ cleaning – I am having trouble deciding what goes and stays in my closet. These suggestions from Chronicles of Her are pretty cool to keep in mind, to strip your closet of all things cluttering it. Here’s what they say: “Things that are out of sight, out of mind and not missed over the next few weeks are begging to be sold, swapped or donated to charity.” ASK YOURSELF: “Does it suit my current style? Is it flattering on me? If I saw someone wearing it, would I wonder where they got it? What are my reasons for keeping it?” (more) ♦ Best make up tips to learn, although the article states before you turn thirty – I think we can all learn a few things at any age.  Especially if you look at yourself …

Lifestyle: What Makes You Instantly Attractive

Based on a list in Town & Country mag, what makes you instantly attractive is everything cosmetic, and based on my own observations on the street, in restaurants, department stores, and even buying a car. The more you look your best, the better the service you get. One day I decided to look my worst. Meaning to say, not paid too much attention to how I was dressed in an ill-fitting pair of jeans, an old T-shirt, and tennis shoes. My hair was collected up in a bun, and I wore my glasses instead of my contacts. That day, I walked into various high-end department stores, and not a single person took me seriously, nor approached me. Getting the attention of the waiter during lunch was also difficult. A week later, I dressed the part. A Pencil skirt, and top in black, and high heels in nude. full make up, hair done up and I went to the same stores. And I was not only welcomed in, but quickly offered personal attention to my shopping …

Hair: Choosing The Right Bangs or Not

I did a complete hairstyle change back in April and regretted it the minute I walked out of the salon. Meaning to say, I wore my hair pretty long and only trimmed it here and there. But in April, I chopped off 3 inches of my hair and since my natural do is pretty curly, the straightening style I wore forever didn’t work. Finally, it’s growing back, but not enough yet for me to go in for a trim. Meanwhile my bangs are growing out, longer than  this pic of me and you know what I kinda like it. So before I step foot in a salon again for that much needed trim, I am contemplating about the bangs based on this:

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 6

I’ve sort of lagged off on this topic for the sake of other variations of putting all similar topics into one entry  rather than a mix-match of topics. But then I realized since our brains are now programmed to wander off here and there clicking on links to read this and that, I should revisit my interesting finds online. Vol 6 goes something like this: 1. Ten products that promises to transform your hair, nails and skin while you sleep! 2. I don’t know about you, but I do admire Jennifer Aniston the most from her generation of actors who managed to set a standard for the rest of us to follow, in terms of looking and feeling this good. {photo source} 3. Five low-maintenance house plants is something I came across just in time, needing to refresh my studio apartment potted plants. 4. Here’s a suggestion for 20 lunches you can make over the weekend – although I do worry about how long freshly cut vegetables will last – but I am going to …

Trend: New Years Eve Hair

I saw this hair style on a bartender at the Cheese Cake Factory on Union Square, days before Christmas, while grabbing lunch in between Christmas shopping. And I fell involve with it and although she and I spoke for a bit about the ‘how to’ she used to achieve such an amazing look – hers was a little better – I could not for the life of me figure out the technique until: