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Sunday Fun Topics to Ponder Over

We were supposed to have a storm coming through San Francisco this morning, but I suppose even the storm felt a little lazy and instead decided to stay at bay for another 24 hours. Maybe the storm is taking the day off as well, from all things havoc 🙂  I understand – everyone and everything needs a break. This past week I’ve been at war with some wild creatures tearing up my front garden – which has never happened before. But down a few blocks from where I live, a boulevard a mile or so long, with the landscape being uprooted and tossed around to re-plant, I can’t even figure out what – since it really doesn’t look that great. So the poor animals who normally feed off of the plants and trees there, are scurrying through the neighborhoods to find food. I feel bad for them – but destroying my beautiful garden is NOT  cool. Don’t hate, because I do feel for the animals, but my plants are part of my family and I …

Sunday Fun Reads – Vol 16

The slow start to a Sunday morning is at times much appreciate by those with a hectic schedule. You know the change to sit back, and scroll through a few fun reads online – as you know is probably the best pairing to a good cup of coffee. Have you ever embarked on the project of buying/building Ikea furniture?, If so, you might want to read on the 25 things that go through one’s mind during the process. Is there anyone you (don’t) know who isn’t fascinated by mermaids?     Here’s why room service in a hotel room is not as great as you might think.  One of the most nostalgically beautiful dress I have seen in a while, just in case you are able to pull of the look this summer for a special occasion. If I were asked where I would rather be at the moment, I would have to say –  it would be right here. I am curious about your take on – if a new member of the royal family …

Sunday Edition: Enlightening Ourselves

I do love rain, even though this year, we’ve only just begun it seems, our full-on rainy season. Meaning that in January we had a month long sunshine and unseasonably HOT weather and then since the middle of February, weekly prediction of rain, and more rain – confusing all things blooming and the birds 🙂 So I’ve set aside a list of indoor activities to tackle, but not before I’ve had a chance to share some interesting reads online. {photo source} {photo source} {source for featured image}

Sunday Morning Conversations – Vol. 1

I love a slow start to Sundays. You know, the easy roll out of bed, a full on breakfast, and home brewed coffee. A conversation with your partner in life about the to-do list, which all of a sudden you find yourself not caring so much about. 🙂 opting to go for a long walk instead – when the weather is permitting of course otherwise lounging on a couch by the fireplace.  And there you discuss what you’ve found online over the course of the week, which had sparked an interest or two in you – and see his/her reaction and feedback. Kind of like this: