Month: October 2015

Halloween Makeup – A Sure Trick or Is it a treat?

Naturally, being in charge of all company parties at my day job, I had to include a Halloween costume contest and lunch for the 200 plus wonderful techy individuals I work with every day. We have three prizes to give away this year for the “most creative” costume, and although I seldom dress up, I am really considering – can you guess which – between these two? {Check out the rest here}

Dessert: Hawaiian Haupia with Pineapple

I walked into a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant a week ago after shopping at Target, and ordered my usual Chicken Katsu, and the best macaroni salad I’ve had outside of Hawaii. What can I say, I felt the need to escape island style 🙂 I noticed a banner hanging to one side of the cash register, introducing Haupia, So I ordered a cup or two of the dessert to go. That evening, since it was scorching hot in San Francisco, I served the dessert while watching the sun set from my bedroom window – yes, island style. Anyway, I decided  that I had to find a recipe to make the dessert at home, and  recently found one here with pineapples to share. Just in case any of you are in the mood to escape ‘island style’ Aloha!!!  

Photography I Can Only Imagine Taking

I have taken thousands of photographs in my lifetime. Most of them, as expected, while travelling.  They are great photographs that I cherish, and often  thumb through  in albums, and on my computer to feel inspired or simply to reflect on events gone by. So you can imagine how much I appreciate travel photographs taken by others, especially those I was unable to snap with my camera, even though at the time I wondered how I can get up there and snap that photo. Here are  some photos  I can pretty much imagine the exact location where the photographer stood to snap these amazing pictures.

Fashion: Holiday Cocktail Hour and More

You might think it’s too soon to plan for holiday attire. But we are exactly 2 months away from Christmas. So in my neck of the world, cocktail parties are set in stone, and invitations have all gone out. This year, three of the parties I plan to attend will be around the same people. So I cannot  recycle  outfits I’ve been able to get away with in the past. Because of this dilemma,  I started my online and in-store shopping, and InWear has given me some great ideas to consider for this year’s look.

Travel: Bordeaux, France

I included Bordeaux a few years ago on one of my trips to France. But only because I was travelling by train at the time, and didn’t want to take long-haul train rides from Spain into France. So I used Bordeaux as a hub, spending only a day or two in a small hotel in the outskirts of the city. My loss I gather from this article detailing (just in time mind you because I was considering bypassing France on my next trip to Europe) eight reasons why we need to consider Bordeaux. {photo source}

Architecture: The Heart and Soul of Abandoned Buildings

As I walk by an abandoned building in San Francisco, I feel a sense of sadness that someone thought it was good to simply walk away and leave the structure in shambles. I literally find myself apologizing and wishing I could get the place restored to its old glory and do something useful with it. In light of this sad blog entry, I share with you some of the most beautiful abandoned buildings detailed by Architecture Digest here: