Month: June 2018

Decor: What Is It About Gray

Gray in decor – is one I adore. It is a wonderful shade to up the white and downplay the black. It is an elegant hue and works well with most all other colors.

Film Locations Travel Destination

I took a film history class while in college, mostly to fulfill the electives portion of my degree program.  The course outline was to introduce the students to film making from the very beginning – from the Lumiere brothers short films made in Paris in 1895 onward.  On the first day of class, the professor gave us a one question quiz  – why do we go see films? My answer, along with everyone else in the classroom was – mostly to escape. Which apparently was not the correct answer, and so she went on to explain the many reasons  otherwise. The funny thing is no one in the classroom accepted her list and even to this day, I firmly believe that most folks go see a film to escape. So, if you think like me – then here’s a list of travel destinations to check out – where some of the best of films were made: {Salzburg photo source} {photo source for Cortona, Italy} {photo source for Nuuk, Greenland}   {Scotland photo source} {featured photo …

Sunday Fun Reads – Vol 16

The slow start to a Sunday morning is at times much appreciate by those with a hectic schedule. You know the change to sit back, and scroll through a few fun reads online – as you know is probably the best pairing to a good cup of coffee. Have you ever embarked on the project of buying/building Ikea furniture?, If so, you might want to read on the 25 things that go through one’s mind during the process. Is there anyone you (don’t) know who isn’t fascinated by mermaids?     Here’s why room service in a hotel room is not as great as you might think.  One of the most nostalgically beautiful dress I have seen in a while, just in case you are able to pull of the look this summer for a special occasion. If I were asked where I would rather be at the moment, I would have to say –  it would be right here. I am curious about your take on – if a new member of the royal family …

Decor: Floating House Tour

I live near the water in San Francisco, but have always wondered what it’s like to live on the water. I think this interest was sparked by the film Sleepless in Seattle, where Tom Hanks’s character lived in a boathouse on the water with his son. Since then I’ve always imagined, if not a lifetime, but perhaps a few months living in – say – like this wonderful floating house in Seattle. Wine-cellar included of course: