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Weekend Conversation Starter

I’ve been watching The Crown season 5 on Netflix, one episode a night. The sad truth is, midway through an episode, I fall asleep or zone out. And my partner in crime turns off the television, disappointed that I am not keeping up.

I don’t know about you, but for some strange reason season 5 has been a bit difficult for me to watch for so many reasons. Are you having the same issues?

If so please tell me why?

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One film I do recommend is Where the Crawdads Sing, past the novel, the film is captivating and very well paced. I’ve read the book, and normally films do not do justice to the story. But in this instance, the filmmaker took all the right precautions to ensure the screen version captured the essence of the well written story.

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Where are we with Thanksgiving? I mean this is the first year for me where I am not the host and since my mother is unable to leave her bedside, family members are bringing Thanksgiving to us. It feels weird not planning the menu, nor gathering up the ingredients, but I did demand to make my usual Mediterranean traditional stuffing similar to this recipe.

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I’ve been having many talks with my mother lately in my efforts to give her all the time in the world for however long her days. I pretend I am not scared of losing her, but deep inside, while putting up a strong front, I am worried – about her physical absence from my life…

This got me wondering about…all the different things we are all afraid of, while navigating through this thing called life?

It seems the idea of getting old, seeing loved ones struggling in health or in life, recession and global issues, the way American businesses are run, and how mankind no longer lives in the moment, are the majority of the worries that stream through my mind. The pandemic has become background noise it seems or maybe I am delusional.

and if you are curious like I am, the global worries according to this site.

I was told once that the holidays seem to heighten the fears. Do you believe so?

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Lastly, how spiritual are you?

I have become more so in the last two years. Actually making a conscious effort to go to church each Sunday, where I spend a few hours level-setting myself. The trouble is I cannot pass on the secret to my loved ones, on how being spiritual, whether religious or otherwise, is one of the key components to living a healthy life.

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