Month: October 2016

Decor: Sidetracked to Decor

I don’t just travel to see the world. I travel to see how the rest of mankind decorates. 🙂 Yes I did just come up with this bit. But only to lead into how much of my travels is spent  on analyzing, appreciating and taking from the beautiful decor choices created around the globe. Here’s a glimpse of what I am talking about designed by a handful of decorators:      

Lake Como – In Two Days

After my Rome-Florence-Venice portion of the perfect travel I think I have organized for my group is a stop in Como, Italy. We arrived mid-day on Saturday last, and checked into our hotel – only for a few minutes to freshen up and change into our walking shoes. We had to take the funicular up to the highest point in Como to see the spectacular views for only 5.50euro roundtrip. This can’t be missed no matter how long the lines. Dinner followed after that, along with a bottle of wine and the perfect conversations before we turned in. The next day we would spend on the lake, with an all-day pass to visit some of the small towns or villages perched along the heavenly lake. Since we were pressed for time I selected three stops. Menaggio, Varrena and Bellagio. I fell in love with Menagio and considered for the three hours I was there to live in the quant town. Varrena was a stop for lunch and a stroll through the cobblestone village and then a 15 …

Vacation So Far…Rain and More Rain

I’ve never been on vacation in October. Well, maybe a destination wedding. But really that doesn’t count like a genuine two week planned trip to a far away destination. This is truly the first. And it seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket as far as the weather is concerned, and naturally it is all going down while I am travelling through Italy this week. First stop was Rome, landing through the blackened clouds and touching ground to a stormy day in the eternal city. But the hubs and I persevered as we had a schedule to follow. Walking leisurely through a town we love so much. Snapping photographs and then touching them up over an espresso at an outdoor cafe, sitting under heat lamps. Day two was Vatican City, and more rain, and day three some sort of shopping, which is what I planned but ended up just sitting on the Spanish steps for most of the day and enjoyed the freshly cleaned work of art while people watching. It rained …

Mind Set – Vacation, vacation, vacation

The last month has been the most stressful. Well, since a few months back for me that is. It seems stress is all we have these days, worrying so much about the faith of our nation, our children’s safety, health, financial stability, and even all things reshaping our planet earth – all while trying to keep a positive front so not to be judged by anyone. Who are we kidding. Everyone is looking for an outlet – to escape the madness even if for a few minutes. Who knew all fantasized films made about doomsday and corruption is becoming more real every day. Sorry, if I’ve brought you down this Friday. But occasionally it’s important for me to stay real. Last night, I sat on my bed and breathed out – for that instance – I felt a sense of temporary relief. The kind of relief where my body was not as tense at it normally is –  because I realized in a few days I would be on vacation – even if it’s just for …

Food: Honey Roasted Squash, Chicken and Pomegranate

This past few days I’ve been too busy to cook or even think about eating right – spending too many hours worrying about our upcoming vacation, our dog and the sitter we’ve arranged and all other things I need to take care of before we fly out in a few days. Pause that thought…because I did –  when I found this recipe – and decided that tonight I needed a good wholesome meal, and a bottle of wine of course 🙂  After all,  when life throws you nothing, you regroup by doing something you love – in my case cooking.  Happy Thursday everyone!