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Decor: Minimalist Small House Turned Big

Minimalist decor is the best form to turn a cluttered house into the happiest of home. Really, who needs every inch of the house occupied anyway?

Decor: For Small Spaces

I downsized a while ago, from a 2 story five-bedroom home in the suburbs to a studio flat in San Francisco. I wanted to be back in my city and didn’t want the chores that come with owning a big house. So, the hubs and I decided to downsize and live in a smaller space, which I have managed to make very functional. Yet sometimes I still search for topics about making a small space the happiest of homes. Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales in Home Goods are here

Decor: If Renovation Is Your New Year Goal

If  renovation – minor or major – is the goal for 2019, then you might appreciate what’s trending or simply just ideas to incorporate in your own style.   {Lake Tahoe home tour} – Screened in porch or outdoor dining – is the key in this wonderful home in Lake Tahoe as if from a fairytale   Bathroom’s might be the easiest to revamp in my opinion and this list of 80 suggestions are fun to consider   {featured image source}

Decor: Ideas From Luxury Hotel

Let’s face it – you walk into a hotel room and your jaw drops – seeing the perfect decor just as the one you saw online, naturally setting the tone for your travels (hopefully in a good way) 🙂 When I was in my twenties, I often times chose a basic hotel, reasonably priced near the train stations since I was not only on a tight budget, but chose to stay only a day or two  in each city to maximize my month long vacation. Meaning, being near the train station help facilitate my crazy itinerary.  The interesting thing is, the more I travel throughout Europe,  the more I notice the hotels nearing the train stations have done an amazing job renovating their properties – not only their location most ideal still for me to this day, but the ambiance worth every penny. Okay, so with that little bit of intro, I love this article about stealing decorating ideas from hotels – which I do all the time.  

What’s Got Me Interested This Morning

This week feels like it’s dragging on – or – maybe I’m taking a break from being productive. Who knows – except that I am spending way too much time online letting my brain to simply escape. I mean we all need that once in a while right? So here’s what got me interested this morning over a bowl of cereal and a cup of jo.     1. This article about one of Venice’s finest hotels – which are three buildings that were constructed over several centuries? Now that’s what I call architectural character. 2. One of my favorite actress, Jessica Chastain got married over the weekend to a handsome and debonair Italian count, she’s been dating for five years. I love a romantic nuptial and this is probably the best since George and Amal.  But what got me most interested was the location they chose in Italy. 3. Then I got sidetracked about introducing color into your home. Something I am helping a friend to consider in her rental property with bland white …

Decor: Thoughts to Consider For Your Upcoming Home Makeover

Last year around this time, I drove everyone crazy with the helpful hints I found online, in stores and from those dear to me regarding the makeover I was planning on for my San Francisco studio apartment I will most like never part with–yes I love it that much. It suits me perfect, as long as I can revamp it every few years. Anyway, just in case you happen to be contemplating a re-decor, revamps, makeover and all others terms describing a refreshed look, then you might find these topics helpful, or just ask me. 🙂 {featured image article is all about the paint, click here}

Decor: The Plan To Renovate On A Budget – Part I

This past few days I’ve stayed away from my computer, shifting my attention to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty, painting, varnishing, running to Home Depot, and changing my mind on everything I started out with my renovation ideas, did a 360 and now back exactly to where I started  – in terms of colors and style and removable wallpaper. (I’ll explain later). You know the term, you live and learn. Well, this has surely been the case with this project, discovering along the way, many, many difficult obstacles, delay what I envision happen by a few extra days. Naturally, I’ll share the before and after soon enough, But for now, I just want to say, I’ll be missing from here again for a few days, to finish up  what I started so I can go away for the rest of the week  to the country where the sun is shining and the grass is truly green, and the sky  is blue compared to what the heck is going on this brutal cold-summer in …

Decor: Inspired By The Europeans

Streamline and sensible is what I realized over the years, my decor should be. I mean I have never been a fan of clutter, nor felt the need to over decorate. I’ve kept my home to a minimal for decades. And now since I am planning a tiny space renovation, I can’t help but fall in love with these concepts: