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Decor: Simple Decor That Takes Me Back

Longing for Paris has me admiring the simplest chic decor – with an eclectic collection of accents adding that perfect touch, where one doesn’t mind spending much time at home. {source here, and here}

City Apartment Living

When I am away from home, travelling through the countryside somewhere in Europe, I dream of buying a cottage and simply existing. But then I get back home, to my city by the bay (San Francisco) I long to live in a high rise, with views from each room, making my space feel like living on a cloud.  Kind of like this:  

Decor: San Francisco On-Point Style

Recently I came across this article, about a home decor that has gone completely right – if you ask me, since the style is in line with my taste. You know the one I chose for my studio re-vamp over the summer. What I love about this, is that I know exactly the neighborhood the apartment is in, and that it is amazing how wonderfully Fran Meckler and her husband have taken something old and turned  into something new-blue. (You like how I did that?” Anyway, enjoy the views as much as I have:

Decor: Recent Minimalist Likes

When we downsized from a 5-bedroom home to a studio apartment in San Francisco, I decided to get rid of everything and start over again. Picking furniture pieces that were simple, functional and naturally aesthetically pleasing. Although I am at the moment satisfied with how our space looks, I can’t help but feel the need to recreate, adding some of these wonderful suggestions from one of my favorite blogger:

Decor: Studio Remodel Options

I spent the entire weekend, at Ikea, Home Depot, several flooring studios, West Elm and the likes, trying to figure out the best remodel for our place.  I would like to switch out the wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood floors, change the wall colors a few shades lighter, and the bathroom, a complete color palette makeover. But I do have to tell you I am now on information overload, or a little overwhelmed with the options presented to us, and having a difficult time deciding which hardwood flooring to go with: In the meantime, I am torn about these options:

Decor: Some Decorating Ideas To Consider

While I was away, my handyman brother replaced the fan in my bathroom. Not something blog worthy I suppose, but it set the tone for me to finally pencil in the much desired renovation I want to do to my amazing studio with views of ocean beach, in San Francisco. I’ve been on the fence about it, since on some days I don’t want to bother with the hassle of it all. You know, having to move out of the room to get the remodel  done. But when I see the amazing array of decorating tips, I get inspired. So….third week of July it is, when I will begin my much-anticipated  renovation project. In the meantime, here are my latest inspirations:

Decor: Hardwood Floor In Variation

I knew that once I decided on renovating my studio apartment, I would go hardwood rather than wall-to-wall carpet. Although the carpet option keeps the space warm in this forever cold city called San Francisco, I think I am going to brave the cold and go hardwood. Now the trouble is if I could only decide which one: {floor inspirations from here}