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Fashion: Anne Taylor Revisted

When I had a corporate job in the financial district of San Francisco, I shopped at Anne Taylor and Banana Republic mostly  for the business attire required for the duration of my career in finance. Since then I’ve worked in wonderful jobs, where a more casual look is welcomed. So, I have to admit I haven’t been to Anne Taylor for a while, until these popped up on my Facebook page. You had me at perfection Anne Taylor, for casual to dressy, work to cocktails, Spring to summer dresses to be worn with a cardigan n array of colors.

defining your look: for the woman over forty

Since I am one who commutes to work every day on the San Francisco Muni, I often look around the train to get a feel for how women dress while going to work. Although, in this part of the continent, we have traded in the suits for a “tasteful” semi-casual look, often times women over 40 tend to dress inappropriately even from the fashion point of view. What would you consider your look and tell me why?

fashion: winter to spring transition

Since we  have been experiencing Spring like weather here in San Francisco, it has become truly challenging to dress for the weather since at the crack of dawn, when I get ready for work, it’s 32degrees and by lunch time it’s 65degrees and then by the evening it dips back down to the 30s again,  I am at a loss with my business casual attire. The only saving grace, living in a city like San Francisco, is that most women here have transition clothes for the ever changing weather, which is ok to wear in winter, spring to summer and fall.  So with that said, I have put together some things from my closet which I consider transition clothes from Winter to Spring. 1. Burberry London Knitted Silk Cardigan USD550 (winter) 2. Dolce Gabana Cotton blend shirt USD325 (Staple) 3. Calvin Cline Knit V-Neck Cardigan 675 (spring) 4. Ralph Lauren Collection Corrine Suede boots USD460 (winter) 5. Stella McCartney Alyssa Wool-twill Skirt USD585 (Staple) 6. DKNY leather tote USD325 (Staple) 7. Stella McCartney Faux python …

wool and other blend sweaters for winter 2011

Finding just the right sweater for Winter is probably the most challenging, in my opinion, since there is always some sort of drastic temperature change going from outdoors to indoors. I, for one, would prefer to dress in layers just so I can peel them off when it’s too hot indoors and put everything back on when it’s too cold outdoors. But once in a while I do enjoy wearing sweaters throughout the entire day, no matter how hot or cold I am throughout the day. For that, I have selected some of my favorites from here:

fall fashion must have

Some items of clothing  tend to never disappear from fashion, year after year and while I do appreciate colors and trends, I do create a simple wardrobe based on that fact, which I certainly wear year after year.  Here is one outfit, minus the trendy bags, which I have seen on the racks for the past, at least five years, and one that is simply easy to accessorize to give it a fresh look from one year to the next. 1. Sweater: Carven Ruched Stretch Wool Top $550 2. Skirt: Giambattista Vali Printed Wool Pencil Skirt $1155 3. Michael Kors block heeled suede ankle boot $950 4. Ralph Lauren Collection Corrine Suede Knee boots $1150 5. Top left: Tory Burch Carlin Two-tone leather tote $650 6. Top Right:Reed Krakoff boxer leather and wool tote $990

intro to spring 2011 fashion trends

Although it may seem a bit early to think about Spring fashion, since most of us can’t seem to stay warm enough during this Winter season,  in reality it is actually the perfect time. Well, maybe not from the consumers point of view, but for sure from the retailers perspective. So with that seed being planted in your minds, I have included some photos of the Spring 2011 collection from the various designers for your viewing pleasure. Check them out and tell me what you think? Also, in the next few weeks I will be discussing the fashion trends in great detail, so stay tuned!

new years eve shoes and clutch glamour

I know most women, who plan to attend some formal event this New Year’s Eve, have  already planned out their New Year’s Eve attire. But,  just in case the shoes and clutch have not yet been considered, I have included some  of my favorite pairing suggestions for 2010. Oh and just in case you are wondering about the photo above  left, it is Jimmy Choo – Marine Jeweled evening shoes. I know…breath taking and I wonder where were these shoes when I was in my 20’s?

new years eve and black-tie event dresses and gowns

I know I have stated before, if all else fails, consider the color black in fashion. Believe me a woman over 40 can seldom  go wrong with the choice of color, because no matter how self-conscious she may feel about her figure, black has a way of smoothing out the edges. However, choosing age appropriate black dresses or gowns is  very important for the woman over 40 because, selecting the wrong cut, length or style , can surely be the most damaging. Since choosing the dress or gown is a hit or miss in some or most cases, I have included one of my favorite designer’s website here to help guide the process. I have also included some of my favorite selections (below) from the site to consider or duplicate (depending on one’s budget)  for that special soiree. Enjoy and let me know what is your favorite gown from the selection.