Month: August 2015

Amazing Subterranean Architecture

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture, and spend many hours in a week walking about the city, checking on all the newly erected buildings and renovations taking places South of Market Street. Also of course the neighborhoods turning old facade homes into works of art. I’ve never however seen a subterranean architecture, and according to Architectural Digest here are 10 to marvel over.  

Football Season Plus Comfort Snacks

I got an email from a co-worker asking if I am going to join the fantasy football league. My first reaction-hesitation.  Then I asked my hubby what he thought and his eyes lit up. So I signed up. Which means I will become a dedicated football fan this season. The first thing I turn to naturally is healthy snack choices to make football watching on Sundays more bearable. I’m more of a soccer and baseball kind of gal, just in case you are wondering what sports I prefer or if any. But I also know the right type of eats plays into the whole experience week and week for the next five months. With all of that said and done, here are some of the snacks I will be following to kick of the season.  Feel free to share your recipes and stay tuned for more of my suggestions.

What’s Kept Me Interested Online On A Sunday

Sundays I usually stay away from the internet. It’s my way of trying to stay stress-free for at least one day a week if possible by avoiding al news about anything and everything. Sunday is my day to go for long walks, have lunch somewhere preferably an outdoor cafe or a picnic and then hang out in a touristy part of the city. I suppose seeking inspiration every way I can organically, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen. This Sunday and the coming week  however, I volunteered to watch two dogs for someone who lives out in the country-I laugh, and so my day is a little mixed up, having nothing to do but sit in front of the computer in a house cooled down by AC. Not at all interested in going outside in the hundred plus degree temperatures. So this is what I found interesting:

Wedding Cakes After A Taste Test

I went along with someone dear to me for a wedding cake taste test, mostly because her wedding is a destination wedding and I wanted to get away for the weekend, and eat cake. I’ve never been to one of these things, and so the experience was fun-discussing cake and eating them. Minus of course the sugar rush right after. I was wondering why the cake designer poured us each a tall glass of water just as we sat down around the table. Anyway, he wanted the bride to be to express her style so he could design the perfect cake for her October wedding. And so here we are searching for unique cakes, some of which I have included below, knowing in a week or two this will all change. (I say that with a smile) {source}

The City – My City, San Francisco

I’ve lived in San Francisco most of my life. Meaning, I left for about eight years and then came back, and I have no plan on moving to anywhere else anytime soon. The city has definitely progressed and will probably continue to evolve for decades more, if the techy industry continues trending the way that it is – in the bay area. Until of course someone exploits Austin,  Texas.  Shhh. Until then there is so much to the city and in reality I can’t get enough of discovering something new every time I turn around or even rediscovering something I’ve known most of my life. There is a list someone came up with here with a handful of eateries he considers the reason San Francisco is so delicious right now.  What I’d like to add to that is, these are only a few of the reasons the city is so delicious right now.  There is more, much more…and the only way to find out is to pay us a visit and see for yourself, or …