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Tuesday Beautiful Things

June gloom is how Californian’s see this month – due to the relentless heavy fogs along the coast and sometimes even inland. Surprisingly, we had a few gorgeous days at the start of the month, so we took to the streets, parks, and sandy beach walks soaking it all up. Today, the fog has rolled in as expected, and we are once again indoors, wearing sweaters and socks and all things winter related.

For this very reason, I felt the need to share some beautiful things to help stay focused on positive thoughts…

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Absence May Grow The Heart Fonder

In an optimistic world, one wakes up on a Monday morning looking ahead to a balanced week – some work, some play, a lot of home cooking and enjoying many films, preferably foreign or filmed on location somewhere one might be longing to travel to.

But, that isn’t always the case, because the universe usually has something different in store – especially when you least expect it.

Last week, too many things reshaped my days, and I felt overwhelmed until I slowly regrouped and began figuring out a rhythm to follow.  Do you ever feel that way? When your life goes out of whack and you are left with figuring out a new way to adapt. Haha! What am I talking about – this year we’ve all had to figure out a new lifestyle.

The sad thing about obstacles in life is that the first thing it does is suck the creativity out of you and hence the most creative of things become the most difficult to attain.

So while I continue to readjust my days and pretty much all things defining my life, I leave you with these inspirational thoughts:

“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”

Jonathan Safran Foer


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Weekend Recap And Some Pretty Things

Considering the air quality across California, we decided not to venture outdoors – which was very difficult considering it is the only day of the week I leave the house and aim to connect with nature.  We did essential shopping early Saturday morning, and pretty much stayed indoors the rest of the time. Pretty boring – however, we also focused on what I refer to as a Fall cleaning.

Movies were watched, dinners were prepared, and wine was consumed, while I stayed glued to this site, about the fires update. How about you? How did you spend your weekend?

This week I am trying to maintain focus on all of the projects piled up on my desk/er I mean are saved on my desktop to finish up and try to meet the deadlines I agreed to – about the novels and sorts.

So I might be taking a break here. We’ll see how it goes.  In the meantime, I want to share my picks for visual therapy.

Travel Inspiration

2021 project hopefully is to add a deck from my studio apartment with the exact French doors

decor inspiration – cozy with creaky hardwood floors 


Fashion inspiration – Loving this look for Fall – mask on and all – I think its time to step out of sweats and into casual wear


Decor Inspiration – craving a new home-office set up


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Interesting Articles From Around The World

I woke up this morning feeling hopeful that I didn’t have to sit in darkness all day while I worked – along with many others around California and other parts of the world on fire currently.  Yet I stayed in bed for a while, thinking about how to proceed with my day.  Meaning, I have many projects to muddle through – work and my three novels currently in revision and edits –  and I am trying to figure out – in what order.

Then I thumbed through Instagram, which I normally do and then did a bit of coloring on a paint by numbers app on my phone – all while thinking and pondering and contemplating about the future of social media, this platform and others having us tied to our cell phones as if our life depended on it – and well – it actually does.

And this happened:

I QUIT TWITTER and Instagram in May, in the same manner I leave parties: abruptly, silently, and much later than would have been healthy (read more)

Which then led to this interesting take: 

Things have not kept going as before, and it seems increasingly doubtful that they ever will again. (read more)

But I couldn’t get enough – so I dove an article on what makes a good person:  

What makes a good person? (read more)

And noticed this one from a transplant about California and global warming…

My newly adopted home state is on fire again: Scorching heat and lightning strikes have sparked dozens of fires across California, burning an area the size of Rhode Island…(read more)

And finally, the history of why we hoard – I have wondered about for decades is explained…

Whether collecting, storing or hoarding, we’ve always had our issues with stuff – not least deciding what’s worth having…(read more)

I’d love to strike up a conversation about any of the topics, feel free to express your views.

Through the Smoke Filled Air

I woke up this morning scratching my head, thinking while in deep sleep at some point overnight, I was shuttled up to another planet. The skies across the bay area are orange-gray dark and a bit scary. Never been in this situation before. I mean we’ve had fires across California but none this extreme. At least not in my lifetime.

But then again it is 2020 and all is expected at this point so, with all lights on in the house, at now almost nine in the morning, I am staying connected in hopes to stay distracted.

Have you seen Made In Italy with Liam Neeson and his biological son Michael Richardson? What did you think of the film? 


If you are an avid traveler like me, you might appreciate reading a little about Beirut, Lebanon European flair


The simplicity of this prefab home I adore set somewhere along the French Riviera with a whopping price tag.

loving this recipe at the moment and thought I’d share it

Also do you love Fall / Autumn as much as I do. Here’s the foliage map for 2020


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Start to A New Week

We are nearly two weeks away from Fall, which marks the beginning of San Francisco’s summer-ish, referred to as Indian Summer, season. Which I am excited about – I love fall and the idea of warmer temperatures ahead.  Although this past weekend soared well over 90’s at the coast and 100 plus inland.  Which I am sure some of you  experiencing hotter temperatures, are chuckling at my enthusiasm. But I am a San Franciscan, and we get very excited about seeing sun at the coast.

Besides the weather, there was much smoke, new fires, harsher conditions, in terms of being able to breathe through the haze, and smoke with a mask on while outdoors.

I am curious, how is it in your part of the world right now? Bearable, tolerable, laxed?  Are you looking forward to fall? With thoughts about the holidays – which definitely will be different this year. I wonder if anyone is still buying clothes for work? How about for the holidays, what will the retailers do about evening gowns, and party dresses this year?

Lots going through my mind, and I am sure yours as well.  But I tried my best to unwind by spending some time outdoors, in particular along the coast, stayed put at Baker Beach to avoid struggle-breathing through a seven mile walk across the city or anywhere else around the bay area with fires and smoke all around. Many places are closed anyway right now due to the fires, so there is the feeling the world is becoming smaller by the day.

I was thinking all last week about topics to share that wouldn’t come across insensitive based on the current events around the globe and I have to admit, I had a difficult time coming up with anything. So I stayed quiet.  But then I thought, sharing lighter topics here is part of the healing process for all of us. To keep our emotional health in check. A bit of distraction is very necessary.  Don’t you think?

So here we go:

I adore this set up – for garden growers, and indoor plant connoisseurs – it’s a lovely spot in the garage to nurture your craft

Get your bedroom ready for fall is an idea to transition the mind and body for the coziest of seasons


If in Colorado, or near the state, consider Estes Park – which is now on my bucket list of road travels hopefully in 2021


What is better than settling onto an armchair and reading – this list offers up a list of books to read for Fall 2020

And my favorite, closet cleaning – which I’ve been considering for a few weeks now, every time I pass by my walk in – I contemplate downsizing. If you haven’t a clue where to start, then click here for some guidelines to consider

What project are you undertaking for this fall?

Have A Wonderful Weekend

I ran into a few rough patches this week which kept me away from here. But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about you all.

For now, have a wonderful three day weekend if in the states, and a two day if everywhere else. Go outdoors. Cook up a whole fresh ingredient meal, decorate a room or a forgotten corner, and most of all appreciate the smaller things in life.

See you next week.


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Weekend Wrap and This Dessert

Normally we venture out of the city on day trips to satisfy our wanderlust. But as most of you know, we are battling fires all around northern California, which seems to be the norm in recent years, except this one adds to the already sad state of our new lifestyle.

So, Saturday we did some chores, and ran errands, mostly shopping for essentials – to be out but to stay indoors if you will – and in the evening had cocktails and watched silly and surely entertaining films here and here.

On Sunday we took a chance, venturing across the Golden Gate, and staying close by, in Sausalito to explore and yet be ready if need be to return home and be indoors. So, we walked as usual up the steep hills, and through the narrow streets, with me wanting to capture photographs of the smoke filled air mixed with the picturesque small town of Sausalito. The color contrast to my eye was the most fascinating.

To the south, the polluted air – dampening everyone’s moods

To the north – haze and smoke filled skies

I wish I could have a garden where dears can roam free – and never fear the dangers as these beauties were sensing all around

The quaint boathouse neighborhood, past all the touristy downtown Main Street in Sausalito was a wonderful discovery. Can you imagine we’ve never ventured out that far, from the hustle and bustle of NORMAL tourist seasons

A terrace view of a Mexican restaurant we frequented when we were dating a century ago. Now it is Salito’s Crab House and Prime Rib restaurant setting up for outdoor dining only


We learned that you can dock your small boat for 90 minutes for free in this very spot – in case you are coming across Tiburon for dinner 🙂

As I said before, I would – live – in – a houseboat.

Back to the car we trekked, along Main Street Sausalito. It felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. 

We decided this weekend, not to ponder over the sadness all around, and instead busy ourselves with positive distractions. After all – even our brains need a break on the weekends.

I spent a few hours painting complex paint-by-number boards online and I have to say it helped elevate my mood or actually made me feel very peaceful

More films were watched on Sunday  – here and here 

And this morning – all I want to do is attempt this lovely cake – just because. Click here for the recipe

How was your weekend?

Boutique Hotel Pick – Tree Hotels

This category – Boutique Hotel Picks – I’ve decided to bring back after I sort of stopped posting (since April 2020) due to our inability to travel. But wen I saw this article about Modern Tree Hotels, I wander if anyone would consider the option, past the RV surge right now, for accommodations:

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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

The air quality near San Francisco is deemed very unhealthy this morning, seems almost overnight new fires have sparked or spread. Since by Thursday morning we were able to breathe a little, but throughout the night it became unbearable once again-this time the smell of rubber burning is the best way to describe  it.  What’s worse is that there is no rain  in the forecast, so the idea of this situation lingering on, is concerning.

Our next door neighbor decided to have a small classroom in the garage of his home. Where six kids plus their parents would try their best to give their children the classroom experience needed for positive development. They kids have recess in the backyard, and a lunch time outdoors, all monitored by different parents each day. It’s kind of refreshing, since their time for a break, is the time I take my break from my computer, which I normally don’t do.

Discovering new trails is pretty much out of the question for us this weekend, as there is nowhere to escape the smoke shrouding pretty much most of the state. Although I am longing for a trip up to Tahoe.

I was thinking yesterday that, if given a chance to spend a week in a home/set used for a movie, which one(s) would it be. I realized after jotting down a list, that there are too many homes/apartments, so I am going to simply list a few of my past favorites:

When I was younger, I dreamed of living in a home exactly like the one in the original Mary Poppins, on the very street, 1 Cherry Tree lane. When I stumbled upon Nothing Hill a few years back, I jumped up and down like a child, since the area was the perfect reminder of one of my favorite films of all time.


When I started writing, I craved Diane Keaton’s beach house in South Hampton in As Good As It Gets


Through college I wanted to live in a houseboat, just like the one in Sleepless in Seattle – which I often contemplate while driving through Sausalito and seeing the houseboats perched along the waterfront.


Meg-Ryan’s-New York Apartment-in-Movie-You’ve-Got-Mail


Meg Ryan’s New York apartment in Kate and Leopold – rooftop garden and all


Grace and Frankie beachfront property

A month here – the cottage in The Holiday – to draft up a romance novel

Bramasole – from Under The Tuscan Sun – is the house of all homes for dreamers, writers and romantics – this place I’d stay a year


George Clooney’s home in The Descendants in Hawaii would be my retirement home

How about you?  Which film (set) house did you love enough to consider living there?






Lifestyle: Trivia Distractions

As 2020 continues to evolve in ways none of us has ever imagined possible, we need to remember that for the sake of our mental health, we must find ways to distract ourselves – even if for only a few hours a day. We must make time for simple or small distractions to build up the tolerance needed to sustain humanity as we know it.

For this very reason, we will continue the positive thinking approach at Raw Silk and Saffron and hope. That through this process, we can become solid.

With that said, I was watching a comedy special on Netflix last night, and it got me thinking more so than laughing as the comedian Demetri  Martin pointed out one trivia after another to get us all thinking. It was the most refreshing show comedy skit I’ve seen in a while.  I highly recommend a gander.

Until then, here’s what got me curious enough to share:

When you look at a map do you ever wonder what the end to the boot of Italy is? Click here

If someone were to ask you – if you’ve ever seen the Staircase of turquoise pools would you think they were just pulling your leg?

Is cheese rolling a thing – you might ask yourself one afternoon, while arranging a chartreuse board

Did you know there are bird ground nests?

These pools in subfreezing temperatures are ideal in this eco-friendly country – can you guess where it is?

And just in case the above did not distract you in a positive way, then read on about the upsides to worrying 

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