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Sunday Edition – Myth, Facts, and Art

After graduating college, I gladly accepted a free one year subscription to The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker offered to graduates from the alumni association.  I would thumb through both journals while commuting into work, and later in the day discussed a  few articles with friends over lunch and family – the articles usually written months in advance.  Lots has changed since then, and the variety of approaches to the same topics, is now available to us in real-time. So, with that said, I found the following topics most worthy of indulging and of course sharing and really would love your opinion or take on any of them, no pressure, just a fun interaction would be appreciated. {featured image source}

Interesting Reads To Share

I like the idea of learning something new every day. Also the idea that some topics actually makes me think or inspires me enough to want to share it here: A While back, oh more like 15 years ago, I remember an old boss questioning my leadership skills for a promotion I was aiming for, and that made me feel pretty insecure at the time, scrambling to find out what his and my interpretation of possessing leadership skills were. Here’s a pretty interesting explanation of how leadership skills work. One of the hardest things in life is – watching how much money is spent on things. I worked for a financial planner at one point in my life, and spend countless hours listening to him preach about the subject to me, while sipping his coffee before his first appointment, and then to his clients through the day. subconsciously I listened, or took notes, because after that job, I actually applied all of the suggestions he dished out. For a more modern version of how to …