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Fashion: Givenchy Haute Couture

Oh la la – quelle vision!  I can’t stop swooning over the fashion sense.  Just keep scrolling please 🙂

Fashion: Albert Ferretti Haute Couture Limited Edition Spring 2019

Just a fashion I happen to find sensual elegant. And naturally need to share on this Wednesday after surviving one of the worst storms in San Francisco yesterday – weirdest weather for this season for sure. The fact I saw birds actually flying around early this morning made me feel at ease that the day will somehow be more true to the season.

Fashion: Best Haute Couture Looks – 2017

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. And in case you didn’t here’s the best escape for the Monday morning blues I can think. Haute Couture is probably the most fascinating of all fashion, and the likes of Chanel, Valentino, Ellie Saab, Dior,  Versace, and more are displayed so wonderfully on the pages of Bazaar magazine:

For The Love of Fashion and Art

It’s no news that fashion and art go hand in hand when conjuring up a spread in a magazine, the runway and naturally for over the internet. Whether it’s for every day wear, or haute couture, what sets the perfect tone and balance is the ambiance that is created. Here’s from my latest ooh-ahhh moment as I stared with my eyes wide open at these beautiful images of Gigi Hadid: {for more go here}