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Five Things That Grabbed My Attention This Morning

As I ‘mature’ I realize I’m developing a sense of calmness when dealing with everyday life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do need to vent here and there, well mostly after enduring a situation for a long period of time, I need to let it all out, but not as emotionally as I used to. I realize as I type this, that with maturity, there will also come a time, where I see myself not even venting anymore. Instead, simply shaking my heading and carrying on. Until then, I am simply sharing a few things that have grabbed my attention this morning and wanted to know your take on them.

Travel: Coastal Towns In Italy

You know, I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking – because if you are planning a trip to Italy in the Summer, plan with coastal towns in mind – as Rome, Florence and inner cities are always too hot and too crowded. And yes, so are the beaches, but the subtle breeze and the cooling effect of the water makes an Italian vacation the most memorable. For example: On another note – I’ve always imagined renting out an entire Villa overlooking some body of water in Italy and just exist for a few weeks, while allowing my creativity to shape another novel {featured image source}

Monday Morning Starts Off with Things Italians Do Better

Monday we all need a little push to get going, although right about now the day is winding down in some places, and others, oh, it’s the start of another day.  So, I want to keep the subject light – especially after last week, and although I am still not over the shock of losing a beloved family pet, I am going to do my best to move forward. This article had me amused and sort of longing I can’t figure out how to express. So here it is – 13 Things Italians Do Better: And of course Italian’s approach to aging – is something I’ve decided to adapt the older I get.

A Girl Can Dream…

Once in a while I swoon over the idea of doing something extraordinary for myself. I imagine it, consider it, then talk myself out of it. Recent events being buying a much-needed new car, or an upgraded smart phone.  Even pampering myself. But I decided this morning, while struggling with my hair to cooperate the style I chose, thinking I may need a trim for it to stay properly in place – I vowed at that I would do something spectacular for myself every other month or so in 2018. Well, in light of this topic, here’s a far-fetched wishful thinking of mine – to spend a day at…   Has that ever happened to you? Where or what is it that you wish you could do?

Lifestyle: What Makes You Instantly Attractive

Based on a list in Town & Country mag, what makes you instantly attractive is everything cosmetic, and based on my own observations on the street, in restaurants, department stores, and even buying a car. The more you look your best, the better the service you get. One day I decided to look my worst. Meaning to say, not paid too much attention to how I was dressed in an ill-fitting pair of jeans, an old T-shirt, and tennis shoes. My hair was collected up in a bun, and I wore my glasses instead of my contacts. That day, I walked into various high-end department stores, and not a single person took me seriously, nor approached me. Getting the attention of the waiter during lunch was also difficult. A week later, I dressed the part. A Pencil skirt, and top in black, and high heels in nude. full make up, hair done up and I went to the same stores. And I was not only welcomed in, but quickly offered personal attention to my shopping …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Regina Biarritz, France

The weather has been crazy lately, with a glimpse here and there of warm sunny weather and then all of a sudden a downpour, thunder, lightning, and high winds, overall, making me want to get away even more – to a tropical or seaside destination somewhere in the world. While I was going through a list of places I have logged into a travel journal (yes it is paper bound), this property came up for Biarritz, a place I’ve only been to as a day trip from somewhere near by, over a decade ago, I can’t for the life of me remember any details, nor the fact if the coastal destination is something I’d like to explore. Now, I’ve done all my reading online about Biarritz, being a luxury destination near the border of Spain visited by royals and the famed Hotel du Palais, which has a history worth reading about and if you are an architectural and decor buff like I am, you would appreciate details of its renovation and such. But even still, …