Month: April 2016

Fashion: Summer Wear 2016

I can’t get over how adorable summer fashion is for 2016. Somewhat a throwback to my 20s – I wish I could replicate now:  

San Francisco: A Penthouse Worth Talking About

I see this view every day from my office, and have taken many photos of the best sunrise on this side of town. See the ballpark in the background? Yup, that’s my Giants ballpark. Anyway, I’ve stared at this view for over five years, not once knowing that people actually live there, and that there is a story to their story, and now their penthouse is up for sale. Wish I could put in an offer on the 8.5 million price tag 🙂  Check out the story here.

Fashion: Dressing for Vacation

Spring is here, and that means the start of the vacation planning, and for some pre-season getaways.  With that concept, I am searching high and low for the perfect summer dresses, this year opting not to settle on wearing shorts and a T-shirt, unless I plan to take a hike (literally) or go to the beach here and here, and here.  You guessed it, I am going to Los Angeles. Here’s what I am thinking:

Lifestyle: Taking Lessons From Italian Women

Over a decade ago the hubs and I took our first trip to Italy, starting in Venice.  Someone at the train station suggested we hop on a water bus to get  us to our hotel since we had no idea what we were doing-fresh out of college. We took the bus, and on it was a woman dressed so perfect-sensual that we found ourselves staring at her in awe. In Rome the same thing happened, women here and there  in cafes and restaurants  dressed very Sophia Loren chic, with the perfect tan, and hair, and fitted skirts and scarfs and red lipstick. I was fascinated, but very certain I  would never be able to duplicate any of it back then, and not even now. When I found  this article, it reminded me of my trip decades ago, when I first discovered the sensuality of Italian women and their fashion. The article helping me pinpoint what made up that perfect look. Here are my favorites:  

What’s Fun To Read On Rawsilkandsaffron

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous around the bay area, and it was the first time this year, that I was happy to not be writing anything, or doing any sort of research for my next novel. Or this blog, or that one, or the other. I decided instead to get out of the house and hang out near the Golden Gate Bridge. Strange as that may sound, it makes sense to me.  The Bridge is the prettiest site on warm, sunny, clear days in the city. So I had to get out there and see it in person, the beautiful perfect rust-orange colored masterpiece for this corner of the world. So, while I focus these next few days on promoting my novel, I am leaving you with a few topics I’ve touched up on for your entertainment.  Be back shortly:

Boutique Hotel Pick – 1 Hotel – New York

In San Francisco most buildings or hotels being renovated are considering going the eco-friendly route, and I do appreciate the concept of it because I am an advocate of green. So it was nice to see this article about the CEO of Starwood Hotels taking measures to recreate the company owned properties focused on sustainability and going all the way green. In light of one of my favorite topics, I have selected 1Hotel as my boutique hotel pick .  This is where I will be staying during my trip to New York in a few months hopefully if they aren’t book by the time I lock down the dates.  

Travel: Planning Is Half the Battle

I’ve paused all thoughts of travel lately because I’m very focused on novel 3 and all that go along with promoting my pride and joy.  But once in a while, you know on a sunny beautiful day in San Francisco, I get the urge, to just plan – because I do know what I want to do this year for our big trip to Europe. But finding a few good suggestions never hurts anyone – especially this girl. So, buckle up and take a tour of what I found pretty interesting – in travel that is: