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Much To Cover This Week – Where to Start

I’ve purchased a journal – which prompts with questions to write your way to self-discovery. At the time I thought it was a great idea to invest in a paper bound diary of sorts until I realized the questions border line those you answer in an online job application.  Where you are asked to troubleshoot a problem, or explain your weaknesses or strengths and some trick questions embedded in there to determine your state of mind or psychoanalyze your way of thinking. So I wonder if this blank journal with questions for headers is truly meant to help in my self-discovery.  Then again, do I really need to discover any more about myself at this point in my life? I thought about it long and hard last night, while up staring at the television screen set at the Hallmark channel, reading lips as I had the volume on mute and finally, at four in the morning, decided to play along. Meaning share with you a few of the questions on occasion with my answers, not …

nostalgic for picture perfect winter

Since I live in San Francisco  and seldom go up to Lake Tahoe, I have to say I am nostalgic for what I creatively refer to as picture perfect winter days. You know the kind that looks amazing in photos but not so amazing when you live through it.  That kind and just incase you don’t know what I am talking about, please see below 🙂

2010 in a nutshell and happy new years

With a blink of an eye, 2010 comes to an end. This year was the most eventful for me because I celebrated a milestone birthday, lost a job, sold a house, lost a family member, rekindled relations with extended family as well  as travelled to some interesting destinations and some not so interesting. I admit I experienced too much and from it learned alot in the course of  365 days. One thing I must say, thanks to maturity and an unexplainable sense of self-control (which I think is associated with maturity),  I was able to cope with the “personal” events which unfolded during  the course of the year  and in a way survived the outcome(s) with minimal damage to my mental health 🙂 . As I result of 2010,  I have decided to pass up on making New Years  resolutions altogether so that I am not too disappointed in myself, should I not be able to uphold the commitment.  Instead,  I have set some flexible goals for myself, which I am going to do everything …

fireplace mantel holiday decor

I don’t think I need to remind anyone celebrating Christmas, how significant a fireplace mantel is during the holiday season.  It is a place where stockings are hung, Christmas cards are displayed and/or festively decorated  with holiday trim by those, like me, who do not really care for the stocking scene. In light of this subject, I found some wonderful photos of various fireplace mantel decor which I think are truly “delightful” (did I really say that) and not over the top.

a few of my favorite holiday decor

I love the fact holiday decor or decorating ideas  have come a long way throughout the years. The suggestion to use  shades of blue and silver or whites throughout the home is most amazing and in a way  esthetically pleasing to the eyes. Seriously, in my opinion, there is nothing better than to come home from the craziness of the outdoors to a lighthearted and airy Christmas decor throughout a home. So, although I may be too late in the month for this entry, nonetheless, I have included a few photos of my favorite holiday decor, which I plan to incorporate throughout my temporary housing  this year 🙂 . Let me know what you think?

holiday 2010 gift wrap ideas

I do admire a beautifully designed  gift wrap paper, as much as I appreciate  a well  crafted greeting card. I can honestly say, I will  spend some days, the entire day, shopping for them at specialty stores, craft stores, art supply stores  and paper design centers most anywhere in the world. I admit I am an avid collector of fine gift wrap paper and as a result have containers full of unusual, vintage and extraordinary  paper in hopes of one day mustering up enough courage to start my own production of them. But in the meantime, I want to share some of my favorite photos of holiday gift wrap papers and let you know that, from what I have seen,  this year  there seems to be an abundance of creatively  designed gift wrap papers to choose from. Just a few places that come to mind for now: Papyrus Card Store, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports, Cost Plus, Target, Crate and Barrel and all Fine Paper Stationary Stores.  So, if you happen to stumble upon a …

traditional christmas card etiquette

In this day and age, women seldom have time to do most anything, while raising children and taking care of family. So, I quiet understand why some women choose the pre-printed photo of their family or children greeting cards and address labels,  to send as Christmas cards. I do want to say that although I am not knocking it or judging them, (seriously more power to you for being a super women), I truly miss receiving traditional Christmas cards with a small hand written note of meaningful wishes, from all those acquaintances who opt for the impersonal method year after year. So,  if you  happen to  be tired of sending   pre-printed greeting cards to family and friends  and long for some good old-fashioned card sending experience, consider the following pointers to make it all worth while. 1. It’s acceptable to send the pre-printed photo of your children during their first five years. Outside of that, it  becomes obvious to the recipient that  you are no longer making efforts to maintain true relations with them. …