Month: March 2017

Fashion: Sezane – A French Company I Boast About

One of the benefits of travelling to fashion cities is to get a visual of what is trending past the magazines, online and in paper journals.  So while in Paris on this trip, I discovered Sezane, and fell inlove with their jeans, and most everything else on display:

Fashion: Unique Wedding Gowns

I always strive to be unique – which some may refer to as being rebellious? While I strolled along the shopping district in every city and small town I came across in England, Scotland and France, I was most taken away by unique fashion trends, in bold colors, patterns, mixed fabrics and anything that worked to my eyes. I found myself trying to convince my friend to appreciate what I see in those fashion statements. So the other day I found these wonderful wedding gowns and as usual felt the need to share:  

Final Thoughts From My Holiday Abroad

I took a flight from London Heathrow on Sunday, leaving my heart behind for so many reasons. I have to say too many to list here. But most of all for the wonderful time I had with a good friend of mine, touring England, Scotland and a little of France – Paris to be exact. Three weeks ago, I was beside myself, looking very forward to the trip she and I planned – considering we’d both been travel agents in the past, we spend a few weeks beforehand strategizing on how we wanted the trip to flow with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. Now that the holiday is over, I realize that the time away from home was much-needed for me, so that I can return refreshed and recharged enough to deal with all the ups and downs that life has in store for us in 2017. One of the most important things I decided upon, while talking to my friend throughout the trip, is that, instead of focusing only on the bad that happens …

Lifestyle: Changing Your Life Habits or Altering Them is What I Say

I’ve said this before: There are so many articles out there about what you need to do or not for betting your lifestyle or health or hair and whatever else it takes to keep you looking your best. I get it. But I’ve also realized that some of these articles, while they may be good for the one writing it or doing their research, the suggestions don’t always work for the rest of the ‘class’ if you will. So, to make myself perfectly clear. I don’t push anything on anyone. I merely share what I found to be the most interesting of suggestions and what I have learned from them. And although I wholeheartedly believe moderation is the key to most anything, I also take note of some things that may work better. Here are my latest finds about changing your life habits: {above photo source}

Fashion: Differences in US and UK Fashion Observed

My last week in the U.K., and I must say I have visited numerous or countless boutiques, shops, designer stores, and shopping malls, not only to observe fashion in full play, but also to see what the stores have to offer. The first observation was the H&M difference from those shops in San Francisco and the ones throughout well this round, England, Scotland and France. Of course there are many stores in the U.K.-    that we in the US don’t have and in those stores I have appreciated some interesting finds I wish I could take a dozen or more items back home. But I have to tell you it is getting crazy as to how much I’ve already acquired, and now only four days remaining to this trip, I am seriously considering buying another suitcase…or just walking away from these cool Spring/Easter or Bridal Shower party dresses:    

Food: Coconut Lime Curry Chicken

While in Edinburgh and Glasgow over the weekend, I learned that curry is one of their favorite dish, and apparently most people know how to prepare the dish from scratch – claiming how easy it is. I had no idea since I buy the ready-made curry Saab even and a can of coconut milk from Trader Joe’s and simply toss it over cubed chicken and I am done. Today upon my return back to England, my friend and I wanted to make a home cooked meal – only because we’ve been eating at restaurants for the past two plus weeks. And just like that, I went to my favorite recipe source here and on the front page of the blog saw just what I was looking for. A recipe for coconut lime Curry Chicken. This dish, with a glass of wine is the perfect pairing for the two of us, needing a night home from all the running around we’ve been doing: