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Wildlife Photography Admired

On the flight from London to San Francisco last May, I sat one seat away from a man who was editing photographs on his computer. Which I could have sworn were taken for National Geographic Magazine. I meant to ask him if he were a famous photographer or just an amateur like myself, always in search of the most colorful of things to photograph – which I do, every chance I get. But then I realized, as I side-eyed his meticulous editing techniques that he was no amateur and he had an eye to manipulate or enhance his photographs for a professional portfolio. I am sure of it. In honor of all photographers, amateur or professionals – wildlife, or still-life, color or not, I am sharing some of a list of NG wildlife photographer of the year. Other interesting articles: What would make us care enough to save endangered species? Striking Images from world best wildlife photographer my gallery – just in case you are curious.

Selfie or Not – That’s Been My Struggle

Well, more like taking any photographs of me at my best is a huge struggle. One, because I feel the one taking the photograph has no patience, which stresses me out. Two, because, it seems most photos of me are often taken when I am the least prepared – mouth wide open, laughing, or chewing, or eyes fluttering Three, let’s face it, because I am shy and hate posing for photos, especially ones where there are gawkers at bay. So, for those of you sharing in my struggle – here are two handful of suggestions to consider (see how I did that?) – which might help. And if it doesn’t then have a  glass of wine or two before the big SNAP! {featured image source}

Travel: Learning from The Ancient World

I do love history, especially since the information learned helps cope with today’s troubling-troublesome-troubled world.  The most important lessons are those detailing that no matter how advanced civilization is, humanity acts the same when faced with issues that threaten its very existence.  Sad but true. And that’s all I am going to say about this topic. Except if you happen to be one who appreciates history as much as I do, then by all means this travel article is for you.

For The Love of Dogs, or Calling All Dog Lovers

I love my dog to pieces like most dog-owners do. I consider him or rather he considers himself human, participating in our conversations, and dinner preps, and even expressions while watching  a television program. He is the best at everything he does. My favorite when he snuggles against me the early morning hours, or while I sit up in bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings, typing away at my novels.  You get my point. This man, took his love of his dog to a whole new level only the photographs below can explain 🙂 and then some:  

Travel: Seven-Day Photo Challenge on Facebook

I’ve been challenged to post 7 days of natural photography on Facebook, each day choosing another person to participate in this very challenge. I figured it would be fun, as I have a million photos of places I’ve been – some of which nature related, others, man-made, and some simply historical. So, in case we aren’t connected on Facebook, these are the photos I have chosen for my seven-day challenge: