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Travel: Seven-Day Photo Challenge on Facebook

I’ve been challenged to post 7 days of natural photography on Facebook, each day choosing another person to participate in this very challenge.

I figured it would be fun, as I have a million photos of places I’ve been – some of which nature related, others, man-made, and some simply historical.

So, in case we aren’t connected on Facebook, these are the photos I have chosen for my seven-day challenge:


Muir Woods, California lucky for me thirty minutes just outside the city


Mont Blac from an airplane window while traveling to Europe 2015

propertyofrawsilkandsaffronItalian Riveria

Train ride to Cinque Terre – the train stopped just long enough for me to capture such an amazing photo


Sunset View from Ocean Beach, San Francisco


A view to die for in Sausalito during cocktails at an outdoor restaurant overlooking heaven


Napa in our worst drought two years ago


Montreal just before an Autumn storm


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