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All The Questions In The World

Yes, it is happening again, where on a gloomy rainy day, I start to questions too many things. I think mostly on day two of a work week, while still trying to get adjusted to  sitting in the basement of a building not so retrofitted for a city built on sand and destined for earthquakes. I do cringe with every step I descent to the underground, and sometimes even hold my breath until I leave work. There are worst things in the world and I’m sure someone reading this is saying, how selfish of her to be thinking otherwise.  But in talking to the group of employees, who got the shorter end of the stick, about our placement, I realize that although no one is happy in the basement, they are not willing to complain about it. Which got me thinking about the topic of complaining. Is complaining really that bad?  Or is complaining a waste of your valuable time and something that should be avoided at all cost?   How to Complain Less is the …

Dessert: Cream Tart, You Bring The Fresh Fruit

This simple recipe grabbed my attention the other day, only because I was craving sweets, but not heavy in sugar or endless ingredients making the baking a chore instead of a wonderful project, especially on a rainy day. The only negative for me is citrus for the fruits used. I mean I do love lemon flavored most anything, but orange for some reason, I prefer to eat fresh. So, for this recipe, I am suggesting you add your favorite fruit – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, canned apricots, infused pairs, thinly sliced apples…well,  you get the point. INGREDIENTS 1 sheet frozen puff pasty, thawed 1 egg, beaten raw coarse sugar, for sprinkling (optional).   {I prefer a sprinkle of cinnamon over sugar} 6 ounces creme fraiche, mascarpone, or cream cheese {mascarpone over creme fraiche}  1/2 cup plain greek yogurt 1 tablespoon Meyer lemon juice + 1-2 teaspoons zest, to your taste 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1-2 tablespoons honey, plus more for serving 6-8 mixed color oranges, thinly sliced (I used all blood oranges) 1/2 cup fresh raspberries …

Lifestyle: Healthy Suggestions To Consider

I know we don’t agree on most everything these days and trying to share any thoughts or ideas about anything out there is becoming more challenging I feel. Compelling me to ponder over the topics I want to bring up, thinking all of it has to be diplomatic and well thought out. You know, sort of  making sure I don’t offend, nor downgrade anything or anyone. At times I even delete a topic I truly want to discuss  just because, it is probably best. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is what it is right now in this less-than-optimistic world we’ve churned out. With that said, I often times dabble in topics, sharing with all of you what sparks my interest and from that you can decide what you want to do with it :). Like these: [couple photo source]

Universal New Year Resolution – A Healthier Lifestyle

I love this article, which offers up some easy ideas  to make what I call a universal New Year resolution/challenge if you will. I am excited since all the suggestions are totally doable. Except perhaps the cutting down on the sugar part – which I am working on finding ways to do just that. For that stay tuned. Otherwise, let do this thing together!

Mind Set – Vacation, vacation, vacation

The last month has been the most stressful. Well, since a few months back for me that is. It seems stress is all we have these days, worrying so much about the faith of our nation, our children’s safety, health, financial stability, and even all things reshaping our planet earth – all while trying to keep a positive front so not to be judged by anyone. Who are we kidding. Everyone is looking for an outlet – to escape the madness even if for a few minutes. Who knew all fantasized films made about doomsday and corruption is becoming more real every day. Sorry, if I’ve brought you down this Friday. But occasionally it’s important for me to stay real. Last night, I sat on my bed and breathed out – for that instance – I felt a sense of temporary relief. The kind of relief where my body was not as tense at it normally is –  because I realized in a few days I would be on vacation – even if it’s just for …

health: natural pain killers

I grew up in a culture where the elder women in the family knew the best of remedies for most any ailment. At the time, being so young, I didn’t buy it. Decades later, when I seek medical attention for anything, from a migraine to joint pains to indigestion, the inability to sleep at nights, or whatever, they are too ready to prescribe pills, with a list of side effects a mile long. I regularly pass, turning to the Internet for natural healing solutions instead, always finding out suggestions bringing to mind the elder women in my culture. What have you found to remedy your aches and pains?

healthy suggestions to share

Let’s face it. We are on information overload about how to be healthy, eat well, sleep enough, drink plenty of water and the ‘do’s and don’t’ to consider to maintain a fine lifestyle. On occasion, I scroll through these articles only to validate what I already know and decide after 30minutes of scanning the information, to keep going, just the way I have for years – eating the good and the bad in moderation, exercising and staying positive, knowing, deep down, those are the key ingredients for a lasting effect. Once in a while, I want to share what I firmly believe in and have practiced for decades, hoping it would at least help make a change in someone’s life, since it’s been validated. Here are some of the best suggestions – click on photo to be redirected: