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Fashion: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Or Just For You

You know when you find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe while really shopping for a gift – in this case for mother’s day. Or How to revamp your mother’s weekend wardrobe – past the sweatpants and T-shirt.  🙂 THIS BLOUSE   THESE PANTS, THAT LOOK, AND THE FASHIONABLE SWEATER THE BACKPACK   FLATS AND MORE FLATS      

Fashion: What To Wear To Work Even Past The Casual Dress Code

I say this time and time again. I wish I could dress like this everyday at my job. But it isn’t a thing when you work for a software developing company in San Francisco. Jeans and a T-Shirt will suffice in all cases. But once in while, I opt to step out of the mold and into the limelight 🙂 if you will and these beauties are the perfect look:

Interesting Finds Online While Laid Up with A Cold

I haven’t had a cold in five years, so it hit me like a BOULDER a few days ago, first day losing my voice, to coughing nonstop and feeling annoyed with the aches all over from all the coughing. I think what I don’t like the most is I can’t think straight, and feel like everything I am doing is a dream  – maybe the meds. I figured I could stare at the internet or the contents posted on the internet to keep me distracted and these are some of the finds I found interesting enough to share:

fashion: new arrivals at bloomingdale’s – my pick

Fashion is a wonderful thing, keeping us inspired and motivated to look our best. I can’t see my life without fashion, and hopefully very soon will be launching my own line of wear. Until then, here are some of my favorite everyday wear  new arrivals at Bloomingdale’s .