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Fashion: Autumn In Style

It matters not the brand so much as the ability to duplicate the style’s I found here and decided to ‘Pinterest’ if you will on this post, and to help remind me of how to switch up my wardrobe to create these styles. Do you do that? Where you see an outfit you adore, and save the phone? And what is it about this classic rose or dusty pink color which can be worn throughout all seasons, when paired with the right accessories. Stylish Fall shoes are something to admire – in a variety of styles.

Fashion: Oscar De La Renta – Spring 2020

In New York the best of fashion was introduced for Spring 2020, and naturally one of ‘our’ favorite designers did not disappoint: Speaking of fashion – Did you also know that due to the current popularity of the TV show Friends, or perhaps being inspired by the 25th Anniversary of the series, Ralph Lauren is creating a Rachel Green clothing line – which by the way, I am completely fine with that decision. Do you or did you (ehm) adore Rachel Green’s wardrobe and tried to duplicate? 😉 And that hair naturally

Fashion: Dresses and Shirts from Boden

I discovered Boden last year, when searching for summer dresses that were borderline dressy – from work to play – by play I mean packing for my travels. 🙂 Last year, I bought this dress, which has become my favorite, most comfortable and flattering piece I’ve worn for a while. Considering we’ve had a week long HOT temperatures around San Francisco, I am feeling the need to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe. {featured image source}

Fashion: Cotton and Lace

In my twenties I went through a phase of wearing nothing but dresses and tops adorned with lace and fancy trimmings. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t a fan, so I shifted my attire to all things he would appreciate to try to captivate him. Eh, we all do silly little things here and there, but since then I’ve stayed true to my style of wearing whatever feels right :). But I stumbled upon this site, while searching for children’s wear to expand right here (coming soon), and I have to admit – I am loving a few adult pieces, like… And how cute are these?