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Travel: By Train From England and other Destinations

Travel by train is my choice, and if we had the luxury throughout the U.S. to do so in an efficient manner, I would be somewhere every weekend. So, I have to plan trips throughout Europe to experience some of the best train travel. Here’s a few I am considering,  past Paris, during my next extended trip to England. How about you – do you love train travel? For some of the best adventures – go here 

Travel: What You Might Want to Know – If It’s Your First Trip Abroad

I was excited to discover my first cousin has taken his family to Europe for the first time – and while they Instagram their trip, I smile at the thought of how excited his three daughters might be for experiencing something outside of the norm. So, while on the train commuting into the foggy downtown-San Francisco, I decided to compile a few interesting topics to cover what you might want to know if it’s your first trip abroad: And just in case you have trouble deciding how to pack for your first trip – here are some interesting of tips

Decor: A Paris Apartment Reminder of A Past Life

I once had an aunt, well not really a biological one, but her sister was married to my uncle – and so she was an aunt by marriage. My parents were close to them, I suppose they were able to develop a solid friendship over the years, and so we would visit them often. Which happened to be my favorite of things to do when I was a child. Visit the ‘aunt who lived across the street from a central park’ in a far far away land. And her house was a museum, a French one, I did not realize until I frequented Paris and got a glimpse into past all the tourist stuff. This decor is a replica of all things their mansion, perched across the street from a central park.  

Travel Series: Behind The Scenes – Vol II

A week ago I started a new series on Raw Silk and Saffron, to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, in terms of travel. I’ve always been curious to know or learn how some things come about, or the inspiration behind re-designing a city or even the methodology used to create, recreate, or put an end to what’s been in the past. So, in case you missed the first installment of the travel series, you can get a second chance here, and then stay tuned for more topics of interest to come.

Travel: Exploring Paris Past The Eiffel Tower

There are many sides to Paris I adore and what I love most is discovering something new every time I go there – which is at least once a year. For example: {featured image is copyright rawsilkandsaffron and one I took on March 12, 2017 celebrating a friend’s birthday}

Travel: Where To Go In September

I always plan my travels for September – because I feel it is a great month to experience the best of weather, the least of crowds, and the locals not as stressed with tourists as they are during the summer. With that said, here and here are two lists of some of the best places to travel in September: {featured image: Barcelona, Spain}

Travel: Some Advise From This Former Travel Agent

I miss running a travel agency, over a decade ago, when travelers alike walked into an actual brick and mortar to discuss their plans.  But even though those days are long gone, I still feel the urge to share all things travel on RS&S.  So, with that said, I share with you the latest bit of helpful information for that amazing trip you have planned or are planning over the summer: Secrets you learn from a culinary school in terms of how to maintain a healthy travel experience. And for those, which happened often during my travel agency days, waiting for the last minute to get a password, here’s how. Tipping has always been an issue for me – meaning to say – I never know when, how much and if at all. Here’s a tipping guide that clears it all up. Then there is the carry-on bag or what I call organized travel. This company may have just resolved that – check it out. Here’s a list of new hotels in Europe, and 10 …