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Travel Series: Behind The Scenes – Vol II

A week ago I started a new series on Raw Silk and Saffron, to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, in terms of travel. I’ve always been curious to know or learn how some things come about, or the inspiration behind re-designing a city or even the methodology used to create, recreate, or put an end to what’s been in the past. So, in case you missed the first installment of the travel series, you can get a second chance here, and then stay tuned for more topics of interest to come.

First up – how Amsterdam locals are frustrated with the “Disneyfacation” of their beloved city and what they plan to do to stop the over-population

Did you know you can adopt a seat in Pari’s Opera House? Here’s how and naturally the why?

Fun fact, how Belarusians prepare for their harsh winters

If you’ve been to Paris, you must know that sitting in an outdoor cafe is a worthy experience and one every tourist does or has to do – but did you also know that this trend is possible to do in the winter months – if you know which cafes have the best outdoor heating? Here’s the list

Singapore Airlines first class suites are the best idea yet – which I propose be available to all those in coach as well 🙂

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