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St. John pre-fall collection 2015

I challenge myself every year to create my style from the collections released by designers.  I don’t normally follow trend, I simply create my own.  So, here are some of my favorite wears  from St. John, which I will add to other designer pieces and create my own style – which by the way I will be launching on this blog soon.

leather jackets for spring to summer to fall

Leather jackets and I just don’t seem to mix very well. However, in the past year I have been contemplating on buying one just because the variations or choices, I should say, are pretty enticing.  Besides, leather jackets work well in San Francisco throughout the entire year and  especially (at the rate we are going with the weather) this year. By the way, leather jackets are great mother’s day gifts as well for the trendy woman who enjoys dressing up a pair of designer jeans or complementing a pair of khakis.  

inspirational woman over 40 – Ines de la Fressange

A woman who I have admired for a long time now, is of course a French fashion icon, Ines de la Fressange. I am not going to detail her bio on this blog entry, but will happily give you a link here  so that you can use it to get some background about her. The interesting thing is that, she became well known around the fashion world as a result of her connection to Chanel throughout most of her 20s. Anyway, she had written a book a while back titled, Parisian Chic, which I have picked up and read from cover to cover, just so I can truly understand Parisian women, their style, even more so than I already do, in order to satisfy my obsession with the French lifestyle, culture, and fashion. Of course the book validates the fact my core makeup and way of thinking and living  is French and I am very happy about that. The transition to living in France someday soon will be very easy for me. So, check out the …

springtime 2011 outfit picks from a woman over 40

As most  of us Americans are programmed to finish preparing our income taxes, to turn them in by midnight the 15th of April, every year, I bet most of us don’t realize that this year we have until the 18th of April to complete them due to some observed holiday technicalities in one of our states. Either way, the rest of the world could care less and lives their lives as if it was just another day. So for the folk outside of the states and my much appreciated readers, I have  put some outfits together which I, for some reason, have incorporated into my Spring to Summer 2011 wardrobe.  Hope you like. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

healthy eating: eggs and asparagus

I love fine cuisine, I don’t deny it, but once in a while I truly appreciate finding a recipe online that is not only healthy but has my favorite ingredients in it. Now the interesting thing for me about eggs and asparagus is that I  often made a frittata with them with a touch of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, but the recipe here is a much simpler way of incorporating the two together and I have to tell you,  it was amazing!  I loved it and I know you will too. But I am always curious about what your take is on the recipes I provide, so please let me know how it turned out for you? Parmesan Roasted Asparagus Topped with a Poached Egg: Recipe and photos by For the Love of Olive oil cooking spray 5 spears of asparagus Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste Parmesan cheese, shaved or shredded 1 egg Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Coat a small baking dish with cooking spray then add the …

trendy blazers or jackets for casual wear

I love casual days at work or the chance where I can actually go out on  a Friday night wearing a pair of jeans. However, finding the right jacket to wear with the jeans when opting for a more casual look is often times difficult for the woman over 40. The idea is not to wear something too dressy and yet not too casual or sporty. Also, often times the jackets suggested are too youthful as well and the best or only choices for the over 40 crowd are  waste length leather jackets. So for this particular struggle, I have searched high and low and have come up with a few affordable jackets to consider for pairing with a nice pair of jeans. Let me know what you think? The blazers or jackets below can be found here

oh la la – i want i want

Don’t you ever just walk down the street, especially in the business or financial sector of a metropolitan city or even the French Riviera and say to yourself, I want that, where did she get that?  If you aren’t one of those women, than just turn the page, otherwise take a look at my most recent wants. Oh how I wish money grew on trees 🙂 – but since it doesn’t I can only dream right?

inspiration: daydreams of a photo shoot

Wow, there are two things I am thankful for today: Fridays and the ability to find a momentary escape from the realities of life (even if it comes in the form of a photo shoot). I sometimes  wonder how it would feel to be pampered and prepped like a celebrity for a photo shoot, even for just one day. In light of this crazy thought I decided to include some of my favorite celebrity photo shoots, in hopes that I would get up the nerve to partake in a photo shoot myself in the near future. Anyway enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

certified copy – a film for the woman over 40

One film, which has touched me in more ways than one this year, is the film Certified Copy. *Note: please stay on this page if you want to read the girly version and click here if you want to read my review about the filmmaking aspect of the movie. Also, this special piece I wrote on this site, on  a Sunday no less, is also a reference point  for my fans, from the other blog, to use if they don’t mind me giving away the plot.  So here I go: After seeing the film, Certified Copy, I walked out of the theatre feeling sad and depressed I just couldn’t believe the subject matter in the film and the impact it could have on most women across the globe, who want to see the film. The story is  about a 40 something year old woman named Elle (Juliette Binoche), who from the looks of things was a single parent living in a small village near Tuscany, Italy.  A British writer, named James Miller (William Shimell) makes …