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Weekend Recap and Hello Monday

Is anyone else not sleeping well at nights?  I ask only because last night was the worst – no sleep at all – none and while on Facebook in between doodling with the color apps on my phone, I noticed a few of my friends were also up. If I weren’t so worried about making too much noise, I would have sent out a Facebook invite to have an after hours drinks and conversation. Anyway – let’s move past this and talk about the weekend. Hope all of you had a pretty good weekend, doing your part to stay safe, six-feet apart, while taking in sun, and and doing things with your family that made you happy. I went for my walks as usual – this time seven miles each day, instead of the five. On Saturday to check out Larkspur, where I’ve never been in all the years I’ve been living in San Francisco.  It’s weird how this Pandemic has redefined how I would be traveling and exploring – each weekend a new place, …

Decor: San Francisco Home Reno Gone Right

I walk through Pacific Heights every chance I get. Mostly on an early Sunday morning – I climb up and down the hills and walk from one end of the city to the other end through the prestigious neighborhood in my city. Mostly admiring the exterior of every single home perched along the avenues. Not only the style of homes are a great conversation piece while getting a pretty good workout, but they are also an inspiration for anyone needing to escape the norm or planning on renovating their home. For me, I always wonder what the inside looks like, or which designer created their work of art in terms of decor. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this article, showcasing the interior of a Pacific Heights home in the city. Check out what I mean:

Travel: San Francisco Coffee Shops Worth an Uber Ride from Union Square

I couldn’t stop at just “San Francisco Coffee shops” when I was thinking about the title of this post 🙂 Becaaaauuuusseee….San Francisco, Uber, Union Square and coffee are a package deal – in terms of the order of things to do for tourists while visiting this fine city, I call home.  (Mouthful I know) Anyway, if you are coming to town, or simply commuting in fron the Bay Area for some fun or shopping or a museum visit or just to get a glimpse of the ocean in October, then I suggest your first stop to be  one of these fine coffee shops that I have tested and love:    

Travel: Let’s Talk U.S.

I seldom mention travel in or around the U.S. – I suppose it’s because I take this amazing country for granted. But I’ve made my way throughout parts of the 50 states and truth be told kind of feel envious of those that have covered all 50 or even 30. Like my old travel boss, or a couple of good friends that recently posted on Facebook a map detailing all that they have covered or seen throughout this interesting country some of us call home. Note to self – or bucket list – cover all 50 states. In the meantime, here’s a quick and dirty on America:

Travel: San Francisco’s North Beach Restaurant Guide

I love living in San Francisco and exploring through the different neighborhoods to find the new it place to dine or a store to check out. But one thing I appreciate is the familiarity and consistency of North Beach, the traditional Italian neighborhood that always puts a smile on face, for staying the way it is for decades and hopefully not getting sucked into the modern take or transition to the city that is taking place in the last five plus years. Knowing October is the best time to visit my city, I found this helpful site that lists the best eateries in North Beach for the wonderful tourists that are planning a trip here. {featured photo credit}

San Francisco: SFMoMa Museum In Architecture

I welcome all visionaries who posses the skill to be forward thinkers  – taking a risk to create something out of the norm, unique and unexpected. To leave their mark on society for decades to come. An example is the architect behind the San Francisco MoMA Museum which for the past 3 years has been going through a major renovation, one I have gladly monitored the progress  for the past 36 months. I’m serious – I actually walked by the construction zone daily to see it taking shape. And now, the grand opening on May 14, which I am invited to attend. In the meantime, you can read all about MoMA here, and see the photographs I’ve taken (not the aerial)  just in case you are as nuts about architecture as I am: I am also excited to report that since this marvel is complete, I am going to shift my focus  on the renovation of the convention center/Moscone center just across the street from MoMa. {photo credit of aerial view}

Travel: Seven-Day Photo Challenge on Facebook

I’ve been challenged to post 7 days of natural photography on Facebook, each day choosing another person to participate in this very challenge. I figured it would be fun, as I have a million photos of places I’ve been – some of which nature related, others, man-made, and some simply historical. So, in case we aren’t connected on Facebook, these are the photos I have chosen for my seven-day challenge:  

What Tourists Seldom Understand About San Francisco

While I played volunteer host in San Francisco during Super Bowl week, I got many questions from tourists about the city. And although I did my best to debunk their notion of what it’s like to be from California, let alone San Francisco, I had a hard time getting my point across to those set in their ways. But I know better, and although this article offers up some great pointers to consider for all of the west coast, I am simply focusing on my neck of the woods, for some good old-fashioned trivia fun, or not depending on where you are from: 2. Not everyone is blonde Despite what The Real Housewives of Orange County would like to have you believe, not everyone on the West Coast has a year supply of Sun-In in their bathroom cabinet. And as far as natural blondes go? You’re way more likely to find a higher concentration of those in Minneapolis or North Dakota. 3. We don’t all surf We do have some of the best surf spots …

three bars and a cafe – san francisco – no 5

I don’t know why, but recently I am in the mood to be in bars situated on a rooftop or the highest level of a building somewhere downtown. Perhaps because we’ve had clear skies for weeks, with 70 degree temperatures. I promise you I am not bragging, simply explaining my mood. So with that I’ve found three bars that fit the bill and a cafe, I happen to love, in an old-fashioned kind of way. Click on photo to be redirected:

union square san francisco – a holiday treat

This year, being that we are super busy on the weekends, we opted to do our annual traditional holiday dinner and shopping downtown on Monday night instead. So after work, we met up at Union Square and after a few cocktails and a wonderful dinner here, we shopped at Macy of course, then Bloomies, Saks Fifth Avenue, William Sonoma and then took a break with hot chocolate to enjoy Union Square. Thankfully the weather was nice and the ambiance as always unforgettable during this time of the year: