Month: December 2014

projecting 2015 for this blogger

I’ve been tossing around a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2015; some of them keeping me up at nights worrying and feeling excited. Besides making some changes career wise. I’d also like to focus on travel, building relationships, and maintaining new-found friendships. I have new ideas about my blog. I have dreams about my novels, even a possible move down south is crossing my mind, all of them hopefully to achieve my lifelong dream. Writing is the number one priority in 2015, getting my novels noticed internationally a goal also. I’ve booked up my calendar all the way to December next year with exciting adventures I cannot wait to blog about, and share with all of you. I am enthusiastic, and looking forward to the New Year. Here are some amazing photographs, touched up of course, of all the places I plan to visit next year. Can you guess where they are? Either way, have a happy and safe New Year. {source}

photography nostalgia

Every year around the holidays, I feel a bit down. I suppose it’s a number of things, weather, the end of another year, new revelations, reflections, regrets, you name it, I feel it. Sorry to bring you down, but let’s face the facts, most of us feel the same. Anyway, I turn to the past usually, the good old days, simpler times, in music, in film, it photographs and in writings to get me through. So, you can imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon these fascinating photographs from here – as usual wanting to share to uplift anyone’s spirit:

pomogranate vodka cocktail for the holidays

I love going to parties and ordering drinks which often times frustrates the barkeeper. Not the part about frustrating the barkeeper, more like ordering speciality drinks, when they are set in their ways and prefer easy and quick beverages to keep the line moving. (Although I do wonder why most beekeepers at parties are so bitter). Anyway, I wrote this one down a week ago, and walked up to the bartender and asked for something similar. It was simple, minus the glitter sugar, that’s where he drew the line when he added his own twist to the drink. It was fine, and I was in too good of a mood to pout over his version. Here’s the recipe just in case you’d like to try it at home: Shopping List Cocktail Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka Lemon Pomegranate Soda (gives it a nice zing) Rosemary (if you are feeling extra festive) DIY Glitter Sugar Tin Foil Raw Sugar Food Coloring ***You can also buy de-seeded pomegranate from Trader Joe or Whole Foods, not sure about other local markets. …

small but meaningful gifts and a holiday cocktail

Right about now, I have a pretty good idea of the small but meaningful gifts I want to give my friends and family acquaintances  So, what I do normally do, especially on a rainy, stormy Friday, Saturday evening, is make a cocktail that I found online (a new one each year), turn on the holiday tunes and organize all of the fun gifts to wrap, creatively I might add. I don’t do traditional store-bought holiday wraps. Here’s a glimpse:    

one thousand blog posts and i keep on going

I got excited yesterday when WordPress congratulated me on reaching 1000 blog posts – in four years – almost every day Monday through Friday. I think I am proud of this accomplishment. Because as you know, staying creative is difficult, finding topics to talk about a challenge, and the time put into blogging a true dedication. I have to also say that I don’t regret being a blogger. In fact, I am now contemplating how far to take my blog. I know I can, and I want to, and in 2015 I am up for the challenge. So, stay tuned, there is more, much more coming your way. Thank you for following my blog, commenting, liking, and sharing. I appreciate you all.  

boutique hotel pick – carlton hotel – st. moritz, switzerland

Winter time, my hotel picks are always in a  romantic ski-resort destinations. St. Moritz of course is one of those places I adore, and wish I could spend every Christmas there, or even just New Year’s Eve, and with that I have to choose the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz. I usually don’t mention too much about the hotel’s amenities, I simply suggest you click here for that. My appreciation and admiration of the property is the location, and how enchanting it is. A wonderful destination and a thoughtful gift indeed: {photo source}  

holiday simple decorations – no instructions needed

I am one of those people. The one who doesn’t like to read instructions on anything, especially artsy stuff. So, I normally search online for ideas, suggestions, and from it create my own crafts, or DIYs or whatever. So for Christmas, I always refer to the Scandinavian countries/bloggers mostly for traditional or warm and fuzzy ideas. I’m not a fan of modern when it comes to Christmas. So, here’s what I found and my plan to make all of this happen in the next week or so. Some are easy, some take a little more, but as you can see the pictures are just easy enough to duplicate: