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Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Tortuga – Mustique Island

The very private Mustique Island, streamed across my screen the other day, while searching for a secluded island getaway I’ve been considering for a week long hideaway early summer in 2019. Just a hundred miles west of Barbados, just in case you are wondering, this island provides with me just the right amount of privacy, and the simplest pleasures to help you disconnect from the brutal realities of every day life. With a dozen or so villas to choose from to rent, and invite a close nit of family or friends to share in the experience. Although it was difficult to choose my favorite property, I have to say Villa Tortuga stuck with me and so the planning begins now with an email-invite to a handful of family members proposing for a trip in June 2019. Here’s to crossing my fingers we can make it happen. {featured image source}

Boutique Hotel Picks: All of Europe

I went with a list of boutique hotel picks this time around – because as you plan your over the holidays trip to my favorite continent – you may want to consider one of these wonderful hotel options. Also I am intending to distract you from all the Thanksgiving worries (for the U.S. crowd) and the rest of the world, just start the planning 🙂 Here are my favorites:      

Travel: Scottish Lodging for the Winter Traveler

There is a list of lodge recommends from here that might be worth your while if you are planning a trip to this beautiful country during the winter months. Consider the following: Log Cabins in Skye Ness Castle Lodges, Inverness Cameron Lodge, Loch Lomond Loch Lomond Waterfront Lodge, Balmaha Piper Dam near Dundee for Hagmanay festivities Braes Lodge, Aberfeldy Taymouth Marina, Kenmore The quiz of the day: If you have fallen inlove with Edinburgh like I have then take this quiz to see which neighborhood you fit in. I got Marchmont/Morningside – not complainin’ I’m good with that.

Travel: Some Advise From This Former Travel Agent

I miss running a travel agency, over a decade ago, when travelers alike walked into an actual brick and mortar to discuss their plans.  But even though those days are long gone, I still feel the urge to share all things travel on RS&S.  So, with that said, I share with you the latest bit of helpful information for that amazing trip you have planned or are planning over the summer: Secrets you learn from a culinary school in terms of how to maintain a healthy travel experience. And for those, which happened often during my travel agency days, waiting for the last minute to get a password, here’s how. Tipping has always been an issue for me – meaning to say – I never know when, how much and if at all. Here’s a tipping guide that clears it all up. Then there is the carry-on bag or what I call organized travel. This company may have just resolved that – check it out. Here’s a list of new hotels in Europe, and 10 …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Gran Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda, Italy

My head is always in the clouds, in a good way, when planning a trip to Europe.  And while I work on a draft of where I want to go this year, I stumbled upon this gem since I’ve always wanted to add Lake Garda to my trips to Italy but haven’t had the time. Since this year’s trip is more of a relaxation type rather than sight seeing, 2 nights, three days at the Gran Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli is going to be a must. I’ll let their beautiful online marketing do the talking:

Sunday Cravings: A Week By The Poolside – Italy

We’ve made it through the first quarter of the year, although really I don’t know how we got here. Wait. I do know exactly how I got here. I was too busy helping with three moves in four months, a remodel, a book edit going on sale April 16, the ear to everyone’s problems, the one doing all the comforting, ego boosting, problem solving and care giving. I know exactly what filled my days. On Saturday, instead of staying home,  I got up early, showered, and actually got dressed up, even wore my make up and left the house. To have breakfast with a friend who called to say she was in town for a vet appointment.  Spending the entire morning with her, on Chestnut Street, having breakfast, chatting up a storm, then window-shopping, checking out the books on display at my favorite Books Inc. store, and even grabbing a freshly squeezed fruit juice in a bottle. It turned out to be a nice day. In our conversation, both of us longing for a week-long …

Travel: The Need For Water

The past three days in San Francisco have been unusually warm – 70’s in some places, quickly changing the tune of people’s moods. Lunch time at the waterfront, beaches after work, sunbathing in parks – that sort of positive change. It got me wishing I could take a vacation right about now to somewhere tropical, or simply stream these photos on my computer. Nah, I think I need to plan for a tropical  escape.

travel: amazing world we live in

The wealth of knowledge about travel is endless, thanks even more now to the internet. I remember when I used to check out books and encyclopedia at the public library to learn about the world, the wonders and the exciting tidbits. Now everything is just a click away, one article leading to the next, delighting me to no end, educating and challenging my brain  – I love it. Here’s the latest interesting articles that got me going: