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A Pasta Recipe and Other Topics To Share

While serving my mother chicken Fajita last night for dinner, she asked if there were any surprises for her to look forward to – in terms of dinner. So I told her, I was considering making this pasta and she actually grimaced at the idea of lemon in pasta. Which happens to be my favorite – ingredient – Shrimp Scampi, which I often substitute with Salmon.  Artichoke steamed in olive oil and lemon – all recipes I learned from my Mediterranean family. Anyway, back to the pasta – check out the simple ingredients making up a very flavorful meal – and will pair nicely with a glass of my favorite cab and sure, salad too. Recipe: Spaghetti With Creamy Lemon Sauce Serves 4 2 lemons 4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Scant 1 cup of half-and-half 1 egg yolk 3/4 pound (about 4 portions) spaghetti A small bunch of thyme Fine sea salt Freshly ground black pepper {more} I keep thinking I want to share my personal recipes with all of you – someday soon, …

What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

Although weekends seem to blend into the week, I still aim to maintain workday, chore day/play day balance. Last weekend, we drove across the Golden Gate for some sun, but did not find it in Sausalito, nor Corte Madera in the early morning hours, so we kept on driving all the way to Sonoma, and walked through the wineries and some wonderful neighborhoods, soaking in the tree lined quaint town – so different from San Francisco. I felt super refreshed, and charged up and ready to tackle the week – which consists of working twelve hour days, plus taking care of my aging mum, and all other mundane details. So by Friday, I am ready to bolt out of the house and do some outdoor activities in line with our new lifestyle – masks, distances, and lots of hand washing. Considering the weather in the city is steady gray and cold, I think I will be heading back out to the wine country, and find a another amazing path to explore…I’ll keep you posted. What …

Sunday Edition: Enlightening Ourselves

I do love rain, even though this year, we’ve only just begun it seems, our full-on rainy season. Meaning that in January we had a month long sunshine and unseasonably HOT weather and then since the middle of February, weekly prediction of rain, and more rain – confusing all things blooming and the birds 🙂 So I’ve set aside a list of indoor activities to tackle, but not before I’ve had a chance to share some interesting reads online. {photo source} {photo source} {source for featured image}

Interesting Reads: Mystery Behind Archaeological Finds on Earth

There is so much to be learned and so little time. 🙂 Good morning everyone needing  just a quiet hour or two on Sunday morning to simply grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea in my case, and just read for the sake of learning something new. Here we go: Giant stone spheres — some dating as far back as A.D. 600 — pepper the Diquis Delta of southern Costa Rica. Known locally as Las Bolas (“The Balls”), these monuments were the works of a Pre-Colombian civilization, and most are made from gabbro, a rock that forms from molten magma. The people who carved the stones into their perfectly spherical shapes likely did so using other small stones, according to archaeologists who study the ancient rocks. Many non-experts have speculated that the so-called Diquis Spheres were used for astronomical purposes, while others think they may have pointed the way to significant places. The truth is that no one knows for sure. The Chibchan people who once populated Costa Rica and other parts of Central …

What’s Kept Me Interested Online On A Sunday

Sundays I usually stay away from the internet. It’s my way of trying to stay stress-free for at least one day a week if possible by avoiding al news about anything and everything. Sunday is my day to go for long walks, have lunch somewhere preferably an outdoor cafe or a picnic and then hang out in a touristy part of the city. I suppose seeking inspiration every way I can organically, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen. This Sunday and the coming week  however, I volunteered to watch two dogs for someone who lives out in the country-I laugh, and so my day is a little mixed up, having nothing to do but sit in front of the computer in a house cooled down by AC. Not at all interested in going outside in the hundred plus degree temperatures. So this is what I found interesting:

interesting finds online – vol 1

1. An Italian Hotel build inside an abandoned grotto – click here  to read about it 2. How French Women curve their cravings – click here to read about it 3. Best Noodle Houses in New York City. Click here for a list 4. All things French. Click here for the visual happiness 5. Boyhood – a film worth seeing. Click here for the article: