Month: July 2011

miette – a san francisco treat

It is becoming almost impossible to stay cheery and upbeat with the weather we are having in San Francisco (as usual) this Summer. Getting bundled up is really not my favorite part of our Summers here and because of it I am always looking for ways to escape the gray and the cold. Miette came to mind on friday as a pick me up, when I stepped out to lunch from my job. So  I walked over to the Ferry Building at the Market Street and treated myself to my favorite chocolate wafers (pictured above) with a cup of hot coco. Yes, hot coco in the middle of Summer. I must say, even if it was only for thirty minutes in the middle of the day, I felt really warm and fuzzy 🙂 inside. What I love is the fact I discovered they actually have a recipe book here and guess what, I am now a proud owner of a copy from Barnes and Nobles. So, while you are visiting our wonderful city by the …

the importance of detail in decor

Like most people I have gone through many phases of decor appreciation, even though I have never been one to buy into trends.  I usually pick and choose what I like and create my own happy place from those things. However, even though that may be the case, I do appreciate detail (trend or not)  in decor, without them no room is complete in my opinion. Check out my latest favorite details in decor (for photo  resources click here)

battle of the sofa loveseat

We finally finished the condo project, but since my camera isn’t cooperating as it should with uploading the photos of the final results, I decided to shift gears for a minute and talk about sofas. (Until my camera and computer work together to get the pictures up) As I contemplate my next move about where to live and so forth, I brought up the fact in the meantime, we needed a small (loveseat) couch in the studio we currently call home. So, just to minimize the frustration of store shopping, I have gone online here just to start the process of getting some ideas.

boutique hotel pick – grand hotel de bordeaux – france

I suppose being busy is a good thing in one’s life, but not having the time to do the things you love is not so good. I have been experiencing this lately with too much to do and not enough time to do my writings and blog. So, you ask what does that have to do with today’s entry. It doesn’t, I just wanted to throw it out there for those who have asked  why I haven’t posted on a daily basis. Anyway, the beauty of researching online for a hotel is the fact, the ultimate choice is in your hands. I say this because, in the past I have had a terrible time working with those in the travel industry, who have blindly reserved what they believed was the best hotel for me to stay, during my travels. I think one of those unmemorable hotel stays was in Bordeaux, France. During that experience, I realized how important a descent hotel was to making the trip worth while, because since our hotel was, not only …

fall 2011 – dress to impress

I do understand it’s the middle of summer and some of you may not want to think about wool or silk or suede, but planning doesn’t hurt and here is another ensemble I put together which I will duplicate this coming Fall. Let me know what you think? 1.Jimmy Choo Cosmic Suede pumps 695USD 2.Narciso Rodriquez silk blouse 795USD 3.Bottega Veneta Sterling Inrecciato hop earing 350USD 4.Therow Zorrley Stretch Wool Pencil Skirt 475USD 5.Viviene Westwood Red Label Leopard Print 850USD 6.Michael Kors Hamilton Textured Leather tote 350USD

romance with the island of santorini, greece

Having lived on almost an island (well a Peninsula) all my life, I have a certain appreciation for places around the globe which are either small towns or villages near water or an actual island. With that said, I can’t resist reflecting on my trip to Santorini, Greece a while back. Santorini is hop skip away from Athens Greece and can be accessed via air or sea. I chose air, because I figured I didn’t want to get seasick and a flight in my mind meant a shorter trip to my destination. Of course at the time, I didn’t factor in getting to the airport, waiting for the flight, dealing with weather delays and of course finding a means to get to the car rental agency on Santorini. But an adventure is always exciting, even if at times it is scary. So, with a small luggage in tow, my travel partner and I, after enduring the longest flight on the shortest distance ever, finally got to the island in the afternoon. The airport, being very small, …

mental therapy: stop and smell the roses

I am not sure if many of you are familiar with the term ‘stop and smell the roses” well if not, just to give you a background. In the US we have alot of sayings to feed the soul but sometimes we forget to practice what we preach. So, after a week of torment and undo stress, I decided last night, even though the weather is the worst in San francisco right now, to take a walk through my favorite neighborhood (Seacliff) and smell the flowers along the way, just to give myself the long overdue mental therapy I so very much deserved. I must say it worked and when I got home and retired for the night, I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep through the entire night. Find something to escape to even if only for a few minutes out of your busy life. I highly recommend it.

fall 2011: grey and tan fashion statement

I sometime have trouble following fashion and end up putting my own style together based on my favorite colors. I don’t think it’s weird, I just enjoy being a bit unique and with having lived in a city  like San Francisco, unique in fashion is the only way to be. Ok, so I do know it’s a bit early for those of you smoldering in heat, but here in San Francisco, we actually dream of warm clothes in the middle of summer because it is freezing cold the entire season. With that, I have put together one of my favorite attires from here, which I plan to duplicate this coming fall.     1.Rick Owens Lilies Belted neopprene jersey Jacket 1345 – 2. Calvin Klein Collection cashmere and silk blend turtleneck 1450 – 3. Ray Ban Cat Eye Frame acetate glasses 130 – 4. muberry bayswater leather bag 1050 – 5. Kenneth Jay Lane 22K gold plated Link bracelet 150 – 6. Jimmy Choo blend leopard print pumps 795

trim your waste healthy recipe: eggs italiano

The older I get the more I watch what I eat. Nothing new to anyone over the age of 40. But what I find really challenging is incorporating healthy cooking techniques to my favorite fatty food intake. Despite the fact I totally love eggs benedict, I only  eat it once every three months for the sake of keeping a healthy eating habit. However,  since I found the perfect recipe here to eat what I love and still keep it healthy (plus trim my wasteline), I have added eggs benedict to my bi-monthly sunday brunch. Check it out. INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 shallot, minced 1 clove garlic, minced 1 pound zucchini, (about 2 medium), diced 12 ounces plum tomatoes, (3-4), diced 3 tablespoons thinly sliced fresh basil, divided 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1/2 teaspoon salt Freshly ground pepper, to taste 8 large eggs 4 whole-wheat English muffins, split and toasted 2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese PREPARATION Fill a large, straight-sided skillet or Dutch oven with 2 inches …