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travel: amazing world we live in

The wealth of knowledge about travel is endless, thanks even more now to the internet. I remember when I used to check out books and encyclopedia at the public library to learn about the world, the wonders and the exciting tidbits. Now everything is just a click away, one article leading to the next, delighting me to no end, educating and challenging my brain  – I love it. Here’s the latest interesting articles that got me going:

boutique hotel pick – baglioni hotel – london, england

In light of the fact the Summer Olympics are in England this year, I had contemplated spending my vacation or holiday (I like that word better) attending some of the games.  I am still on the fence about it, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, just in case I can’t make it a reality. Anyway, here is my dream hotel pick for London: Baglioni Hotel , which according to the chain’s website  is “luxury with an Italian touch”. What more can I anyone ask for?

boutique hotel pick – four seasons resort – whistler, canada

As I draft up the outline for book no 2, I can’t help but think of a romantic ski resort getaway. The Four Seasons Resort Whistler is one destination I  booked for all my cliental while I was a university campus travel agent. Most of them were visiting scholars from around the world, who wanted to have a weekend ski vacation getaway outside of Tahoe.

foggy weather blues in san francisco

Ok, I have to admit I am ready to pull my hair out, thanks to the depressing fog and this year particularity cold weather in San Francisco. The sad thing is, I haven’t been able to escape the doom and gloom because every weekend there is something I need to take care of, which requires me to be in the city. This, my friends, is not like me. I haven’t seen sun and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on me. So, after looking at the pictures below to escape the drizzle and the gray, I decided that I needed to physically run away to the sun. So stay tuned, I will fill you in on where I ended up this weekend to get my sun on 🙂 {photo resource click here}