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Travel: Some Fun Facts to Ponder Over While Social Distancing

Couple of weeks back, I visited the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. I haven’t been for over a decade. I have to say I was enlightened over again about our planet, the birds and the bees (literally), and the universe and the bodies of water around the world. These sort of reminders had me turning to the History channel more often these days to learn more about the fascinating. So I started to think last night, when I finally came to terms that I need to postpone all travels I had planned for the year to perhaps as far into the future as next year. But since I love travel, and some of you are the same, I figured to readjust my travel series to fun facts rather behind every travel. The reason for social distancing – if you aren’t taking it seriously

Travel: Best Places to Go In October If You Have Photography In Mind

Took a 24 hour trip to Montana Friday to Saturday for business and although I was to arrive on Friday by noon – thinking I can have dinner with family, I ended up experiencing all the construction taking shape in various airports on the western side of this country, trying to get to my destination – since my original flight from San Francisco, with stopover in Seattle to Montana went south.  I barely had time to wind down a minute Friday night only to fly back early Saturday morning, – meaning I had to be at the airport by 5 – so you figure the numbers. 🙂 By the time I opened the front door to my peaceful abode, I felt as if I had missed out on so much – in just the twenty-four hours I was gone.  Do you ever feel that way? While walking a number of airports, with posters and signage pointing to travels  around the world, I couldn’t help but feel the need to travel in the best month of …

Lifestyle: Art Matters Doesn’t It

Several framing shops and art galleries are closing around the greater San Francisco bay area, and that idea makes me sad. Because I keep assuming the worst – that art is becoming a thing of the past. Or maybe folks are simply creating their own works of art, and ordering-on-demand from a number of online shops. Well, here’s hoping art stays around for a very long time and remains an appreciation for generations to come. {Source here, and here} Here’s my contribution to arts – check it out

Wildlife Photography Admired

On the flight from London to San Francisco last May, I sat one seat away from a man who was editing photographs on his computer. Which I could have sworn were taken for National Geographic Magazine. I meant to ask him if he were a famous photographer or just an amateur like myself, always in search of the most colorful of things to photograph – which I do, every chance I get. But then I realized, as I side-eyed his meticulous editing techniques that he was no amateur and he had an eye to manipulate or enhance his photographs for a professional portfolio. I am sure of it. In honor of all photographers, amateur or professionals – wildlife, or still-life, color or not, I am sharing some of a list of NG wildlife photographer of the year. Other interesting articles: What would make us care enough to save endangered species? Striking Images from world best wildlife photographer my gallery – just in case you are curious.

Travel: Well-Traveled Citizens

Good morning everyone! Hope your week is going well. Here in San Francisco we are in full-swing with the beautiful and HOT Indian-summer days. When we can finally wear our summer clothes or pretend we even own any here. Although this morning I did see a lot of people on the train wearing heavy coats, ankle boots and even gloves. And apparently today is going to reach the high 80’s. Anyway, Yes I am still talking about travel even in late September. I think I live and breathe the subject and will probably be talking talk about it all year long. Because as you know or may not, there is beauty to every season,  and if you happen to be an avid traveler like myself, the subject will always remain interesting. Here’s one I found this morning on Condé Nast Traveler, I felt the need to share:  About citizens of various countries who are considered well-traveled. These are facts based on the number of days and various other time off the locals get to do their …

Travel: Where To See The Best Fall Foliage

Fall is around the corner, in a week or so and some places are already experiencing colder temperatures in the early morning hours, and the orange hues at sunset are surely signs that my favorite time of year is almost here. There are some trees in San Francisco that are changing colors, but not to the extend other parts of the country sees and with that, here’s a list of eleven places to see the fall foliage at its best: First stop for me is always  Vermont New York {photo source: Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Colorado}   Canada West Virginia