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How Are We All Doing?

I sit through countless daily meetings at my day job, wondering how we are all still functioning in a society that has changed so drastically since the pandemic. I do this because, no one seems to be the same in their behaviors, thought process, dedication, listening, comprehension and all other mannerisms of a modern society. I spoke of this to a co-worker based in our India office, who I have not seen nor spoken to in two years. We’ve simply responded to email chains. But we did the usual getting side-tracked, and had a heart-to-heart about this very thing. By the end of the conversation he said to me: M just float on… Which made me smile. What a nice concept, to simply float on. Thereafter, all I could do for the rest of my day, was allow my mind to float on.. to the recent films I’ve watched filmed on location, in Europe, or tropical destinations from everywhere and anywhere, and that feeling helped me get by. So I am curious, how do you …

Unintentional Break

Last week was a continuation of previous weeks x two. Which has me wondering – why does everything require a zoom meeting? The idea of needing a scheduled call to ‘be on the same page’ has me booked up through the end of April. Not complaining just sharing too much information. But in all honesty I have missed staying connected here and do want to know how everyone is truly doing out there as we watch our world shift and change. And humanity be swayed in every direction imaginable to feel and think a certain way. I do my best to focus on the positive and live my life as simply as possible. Some of the things that keep me motivated are the stuff I am thankful and very grateful for. Have a nice day…

Have A Wonderful Weekend

I ran into a few rough patches this week which kept me away from here. But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about you all. For now, have a wonderful three day weekend if in the states, and a two day if everywhere else. Go outdoors. Cook up a whole fresh ingredient meal, decorate a room or a forgotten corner, and most of all appreciate the smaller things in life. See you next week.   featured image source  

Lifestyle: A Place Is Not A Place Until It’s A Seaside Cabin

One of the benefits of being a writer is that you spend a lot of time falling in love with wonderful places, and extraordinary lifestyles, and interesting people, which and that inspire to create a story-no matter the genre-stories come from the passion writer feel about something o someone. I do a lot of research online, as you may have already noticed from this fun place called RawSilk&Saffron, and when I stumble upon something that sparks an interest or is best suited for a whole or part of my storytelling, I, Bookmark it, the old-fashioned way, right into a folder on my computer, I set up for every novel I’ve published, and the ones I plan to write. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these amazing photographs of a Seaside Cabin-I have no clue as to where it is-adding to a folder-for a wonderful story I have thus far drafted. The Seaside cabin is surely a scene I need to add OR, simply escape to if I can only figure out …

photography: something amazing

In light of the fact, most Americans are in some sort of turmoil, wondering where this country is headed, I try to find ways to stay positive and focus on all the good and wonderful things just so I could endure.  I mean what can we do?  Change is in order and yet most of our hands are tied, unless there is a massive uproar and then – in all reality nothing will matter. While I clicked through website after another, gathering inspiration and ideas for my next blog entry, I stumbled upon this amazing photograph of where the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean meet – Elucthera, Bahamas,  which not only inspired me,  but also managed to put a smile across my worried face. I knew I needed to share the photo, in hopes it would do the same to you. Hang in there Americans, and don’t give up hope. We can overcome anything, if we find a way to at least meet half way.

if i wish hard enough

I’ve been told as a child if I wish hard enough, I will get to fulfill all my dreams. I didn’t believe it while growing up, but then in the last decade or so, I’ve wished very hard on a few things here and there, and to my surprise, they’ve all come true.  Silly?  Maybe. In light of this, I have to say, I’ve had my eye on a neighborhood in San Francisco, I wish to make my home very very soon.  Sea Cliff, is a neighborhood, I’ve walked through for decades, completely and utterly taken by the lush beauty of the neighborhood, nothing like the rest.  I will live here for sure and if I wish hard enough, I may just do so in this lifetime. Photo credit clickc here

things that need a double take

Have you ever passed by something which caught your interest and then took another look, but this time in utter admiration or appreciation or longing? Where here’s what will do for it for  

seeking simply therapy at the flower market

Wow, I have to say this week has been a challenge. It happens to the best of us on occassion. But when I came home after work and slept for over twelve hours the other night, I realized I needed something to change the mood I’ve been in. So, on Thursday, I walked to the Flower Mart in San Francisco and admired the array of flowers on display so much that I actually brought some home and I have to tell you, I had forgotten how wonderful flowers make me feel.