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Lifestyle: A Place Is Not A Place Until It’s A Seaside Cabin

One of the benefits of being a writer is that you spend a lot of time falling in love with wonderful places, and extraordinary lifestyles, and interesting people, which and that inspire to create a story-no matter the genre-stories come from the passion writer feel about something o someone. I do a lot of research online, as you may have already noticed from this fun place called RawSilk&Saffron, and when I stumble upon something that sparks an interest or is best suited for a whole or part of my storytelling, I, Bookmark it, the old-fashioned way, right into a folder on my computer, I set up for every novel I’ve published, and the ones I plan to write. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these amazing photographs of a Seaside Cabin-I have no clue as to where it is-adding to a folder-for a wonderful story I have thus far drafted. The Seaside cabin is surely a scene I need to add OR, simply escape to if I can only figure out …

photography: something amazing

In light of the fact, most Americans are in some sort of turmoil, wondering where this country is headed, I try to find ways to stay positive and focus on all the good and wonderful things just so I could endure.  I mean what can we do?  Change is in order and yet most of our hands are tied, unless there is a massive uproar and then – in all reality nothing will matter. While I clicked through website after another, gathering inspiration and ideas for my next blog entry, I stumbled upon this amazing photograph of where the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean meet – Elucthera, Bahamas,  which not only inspired me,  but also managed to put a smile across my worried face. I knew I needed to share the photo, in hopes it would do the same to you. Hang in there Americans, and don’t give up hope. We can overcome anything, if we find a way to at least meet half way.

if i wish hard enough

I’ve been told as a child if I wish hard enough, I will get to fulfill all my dreams. I didn’t believe it while growing up, but then in the last decade or so, I’ve wished very hard on a few things here and there, and to my surprise, they’ve all come true.  Silly?  Maybe. In light of this, I have to say, I’ve had my eye on a neighborhood in San Francisco, I wish to make my home very very soon.  Sea Cliff, is a neighborhood, I’ve walked through for decades, completely and utterly taken by the lush beauty of the neighborhood, nothing like the rest.  I will live here for sure and if I wish hard enough, I may just do so in this lifetime. Photo credit clickc here

things that need a double take

Have you ever passed by something which caught your interest and then took another look, but this time in utter admiration or appreciation or longing? Where here’s what will do for it for  

seeking simply therapy at the flower market

Wow, I have to say this week has been a challenge. It happens to the best of us on occassion. But when I came home after work and slept for over twelve hours the other night, I realized I needed something to change the mood I’ve been in. So, on Thursday, I walked to the Flower Mart in San Francisco and admired the array of flowers on display so much that I actually brought some home and I have to tell you, I had forgotten how wonderful flowers make me feel.

road trip and a need to pamper myself

This past week I haven’t been able to focus much on the creative aspect of my life and rather stayed on track with work and managing a home. I actually hate that but someone has to do it. 🙂 So, in order to break the monotony, I signed up for a day of pampering myself and then volunteered to escort a dear person in my life on a 48hour road trip to pick up a puppy. I am hoping both experiences will enlighten me enough to get inspired so that I can bounce back to my old creative self again.  Stay tuned to see what the outcome is.

finding inspiration in all the strange places

One of the most difficult tasks in our lifetime is finding inspiration to do the things we are destined to do. Sure, it’s easier to settle for the norm and go along each day doing what is expected of us, but to actually step away and drive ourselves  to do what we are destined to do, takes alot of courage and inspiration. I’ve known for years that I should have been a writer, but never paid much attention to the signs, instead I routinely did what I was supposed to do, never once feeling fulfilled with my calculated accomplishments. What I did discover in the last couple of years or so, is that, I needed to start paying attention to the signs and accept every thing that happens in my life as a form of inspiration to drive me closer to where I am destined to be.  All I needed was to  pay attention.