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inspired by nostalgia

Photographs are probably the most inspirational medium known to mankind to and often times a great way to reflect, reminisce and remind. With that said, occasionally, I find photographs online, which touch me to a point; I have to share them with anyone who understands where I am coming from.    Pictures do tell a thousand words and here are mine.     

fashion sense: j. mendel

Over the weekend, all I could do is flip through magazines and read a few chapters from my hardcopy (yes hardcopy) novels, since the weather was the worst in San Francisco.  I  didn’t mind it, but the silliness of being in bed all weekend and reading caught up with me. So what does that have to do with J.Mendel fashion? Nothing, except that I have included some of my favorites, while hoping to find the right occasion to consider        the choices.

royal wedding day – across the world

Happy Royal Wedding Day to all my British friends and loyal U.K. blog followers!!!  Enjoy the day off. We can only hope to have such a day here in the states. In light of the event and knowing not so many people will turn to their favorite blogs today, I have decided to pay homage to my favorite exhibition of royalty at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Pulp Fashion by Isabelle de Borchgrave, running through 5th of June 2011. “Pulp Fashion draws on several themes and presents quintessential examples in the history of costume—from Renaissance finery of the Medici family and gowns worn by Elizabeth I and Marie-Antoinette to the creations of the grand couturiers Frederick Worth, Paul Poiret, Christian Dior, and Coco Chanel. Special attention is given to the creations and studio of Mariano Fortuny, the eccentric early-20th-century artist who is both a major source of inspiration to de Borchgrave and a kindred spirit.” (Legion of Honor site) It is a must see in my opinion and a good idea for those taking …

inspirational woman over 40 – Ines de la Fressange

A woman who I have admired for a long time now, is of course a French fashion icon, Ines de la Fressange. I am not going to detail her bio on this blog entry, but will happily give you a link here  so that you can use it to get some background about her. The interesting thing is that, she became well known around the fashion world as a result of her connection to Chanel throughout most of her 20s. Anyway, she had written a book a while back titled, Parisian Chic, which I have picked up and read from cover to cover, just so I can truly understand Parisian women, their style, even more so than I already do, in order to satisfy my obsession with the French lifestyle, culture, and fashion. Of course the book validates the fact my core makeup and way of thinking and living  is French and I am very happy about that. The transition to living in France someday soon will be very easy for me. So, check out the …

wedding gowns for the woman over 40

Selecting the right gown for a second marriage or “renewal of vows” is probably the most challenging for women over 40. But, if tastefully chosen, it can be the most rewarding experience ever. With that said, now is the perfect time to consider the options for a spring, summer and even fall weddings or “renewal of vows” ceremony. In my research I have come across some amazing gowns to consider and yes they are all from Oscar de la Renta. Enjoy!  

challenges of wrinkle creams

Here is a topic I have been avoiding for a while, but since those annoying wrinkles are beginning to creep up on me, I am no longer able to avoid the problem at hand. However, finding the right wrinkle cream is probably the most frustrating thing I have experienced in the history of my shopping endeavors.  I have visited every make up counter and spoken to dozens of make up consultants, I have surfed the net and  read  reviews on most any cream out there and yet, I am just not convinced any of them will  help nor  are worth the amount of money they cost. What I did do however, is compile here and here some sites of the most highly recommended wrinkle creams out there and I would love to  hear from anyone who has tried any of them and what you actually  thought about it?

affordable gift ideas for her from tiffany and co

There are two things most women are familiar with and can relate to. One is the photo of the blue box with the white ribbon (pictured to the left)  and the other is the photo (below) of Audrey Hephburn from  the film “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” while she window shops at Tiffany and Co. With that said, I have included some interesting pieces from Tiffany and Co, which I recommend, for that special woman in your life , who posses a more  mature taste in jewelry and understands the significance of receiving a gift in the blue box with the white ribbon. For a more elaborate list of jewelry pieces and gift suggestions, click here to shop at Tiffany and Co’s website. Have fun.