Month: September 2010

kitchen musts from a modern design perspective

There are many sides to my interior design taste but there is only two sides to my requirements and those are: STREAMLINED and FUNCTIONAL. I am a sucker for European design and will always opt for their products as a result of it rather than conform to most things in the states. Although, slowly as always but surely, the states are incorporating  “some” modern design styles while manufacturing their products. Anyway and either way, the reason I prefer a more streamlined approach to design (in this case appliances and other kitchen gadgets) is because  of the way the product makes a statement without being over the top. So, without further ranting and raving, I have included below my kitchen musts. The products can be found on, and

french linen, laundry bags and throw pillows

Now here is a concept I am growing to love these days. French linen bags and pillow covers being introduced in the U.S.  I have seen them pop up here and there in the past, but not to the extend I notice them more in stores these days. I like it and have included some photographs  for you to ponder over as well. Just in case you are wondering, these items are available at Restoration Hardware and Neiman Marcus and I am almost certain at your local boutique designer stores. Let me know what you think?

sweaters for fall 2010 women over 40 can wear

Once the official transition takes place from Summer to Fall, meaning past the month of September to mid-October, I begin to feel the need to rearrange my closet in order to get a visual of all my sweaters. Then I go through them and decide which to toss and what to recycle for the upcoming fall season. At the same time, I shop online for the sweaters I would like to have and make my list in order to check them out at the store. One of my favorite stores, and this has been on and off, is Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft. The reason for the on and off is that for a while there it seemed the store or the company had lost it’s touch and appeal so I stayed away from it. But now, this year that is, the items on their online catalog (at least in picture) look great. That’s another thing, what looks good on print doesn’t necessarily look good in the store, so with list in hand I plan to …

nostalgia of french vintage posters

One thing I can’t seem to get enough of is, French “vintage” posters and postcards. To me, they are a clear reminder of  “perhaps” a more simpler time and in my case a great focal point for when I am stressing about the most current of times. I usually stop at every store, whether in the U.S. but mostly  abroad and flip through the racks and display cases housing these wonderful works of ar, which are now reprinted in postcard or poster form for our viewing pleasure and of course to purchase. I can’t get enough of them and for that reason I have included some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

ankle boots for the woman over 40

Since through my research I discovered that ankle boots were okay for the woman over 40 to consider incorporating in their fall 2010 wardrobe (wow, a mouthful) I, of course couldn’t be happier since I am unable to wear full length boots, thanks to my shapely calf muscles (Believe me I am not complaining). But choosing the right ankle boot is a challenge for me of course, because  I don’t like it to be over the top, too bulky or the wrong heel style and I need it to compliment my wardrobe rather than overwhelm my style. Yes, I am aware that with slacks, you can pretty much pull off any ankle boot, but this year I really want to explore the option of wearing it with skirts. So here are my choices based on what I found online and one of these days, when we actually get our first rain fall in California, I will go try them on to see which one works best.

wishful thinking for fall

Last days of summer and the first of fall, depending on which calendar you look at. It could be September 22 or 23rd but either way, it’s here, so quickly I must add and based on my mood these day, along with probably millions of other people, the transition is not a pleasant one. As I contemplate transitioning to a new career, experiencing a new life perhaps and the desire to relocate to another city, I continue to ponder over this photograph and wonder how wonderful  it would be to live in Paris for while… Either way, Happy Fall everyone.

admiring restoration hardware

For a few months now I have stayed away from most things pertaining to  the home, mainly because I just sold mine and also because I am what one may call “in transition” with my life. But about a week ago I walked into a Restoration Hardware store because even though I desperately tried to walk by without looking, I couldn’t help succumb to the new theme from within the store, enticing my curiosity. Not sure if most of my readers are familiar with the store, so I have included a link here just to set the stage for you.  Anyway, I walked into the store or “the gallery” I should say and to my amazement, it had transformed into the most exquisite and delectable and almost museum like display of the most wonderful, classic and in a unique way functional pieces ever put together for the consumer’s viewing pleasure. Well done Restoration Hardware! After picking up a catalog and pointing out the wonderful pieces to my brother as we circled the store, I came home …

fascination with stripes in style

I don’t know what it is about stripes, but I do admire seeing designers incorporate stripe decor into interior designs. I would probably shy away from doing so myself, but do wonder if I could have the option, what choice would I go with. So, just to share my choice of colors, shades and style, I have added a few photos for your viewing pleasure or perhaps just mine: Tell me what you think about stripes in your home?

museum envy or “transforming culture into a consumer product?”

While in Paris, enjoying the Louvre Museum on a rainy afternoon, I noticed the above poster hanging over the self-purchase ticket kiosk in the lobby of the museum. I actually stared at it for a long while and then decided to take a picture of it just to ponder over in the weeks to come and to remember to research the reasons behind the “project.” When I returned to the U.S. and shuffled through my photographs on my computer, in order to organize them, the above picture popped up, reminding me of what I had to do. As a  supporter of the fine arts and an avid museum goer, I must say I have trouble with this decision. I  believe this is the first time a museum is opening a “branch” and although the article I have included here justifies the means to the cause, or rather explains the reasons behind the decision, I have mixed feelings about the endeavor.  Perhaps I am wrong to think this way, but I strongly feel all things historical …

fashion oversights to consider

First I want to clarify that I have nothing against anyone in fashion or those who are  consultants of the trade, but I do want to state that as a woman, who loves fashion and appreciates a fashion conscious celebrity, I am entitled to an opinion on what I feel works or not on the most influential models for the rest of us to follow or perhaps envy. In recent weeks and months as I flip through magazines and search the net for information about writing entertainment news and film reviews for my other blog, I cannot help but notice  how some stars go from having the right look to the wrong look to a “never finding the right look, no matter what” as they frequent parties, gatherings and movie premieres and so I wonder how can that happen to almost anyone, when its time to select the right gown for that special event? I am not sure if sticking to the same look that works is better or exploring different options to seem versatile is …