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Food: Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is all about food – so you’ll see back to back posts about eating. Maybe because I am hungry since this plant-based diet I am trying out, but not yet ready to talk about until I see results.  But, this recipe about Gluten Free & Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies is something I cannot pass up sharing since from the grocers you can either find gluten-free OR Vegan in products, but seldom the two combined for those with the severest food allergies. Recipe 1 1/4 cup oat flour 1 1/2 cup almond flour 1/4 cup cornstarch 3/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/8 cup pecans (roughly chopped) 2 tablespoons all-vegetable shortening 1 cup dark brown sugar   {I am going to use Coconut sugar instead} 1/4 cup granulated sugar  – {coconut sugar instead} 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 2 teaspoons vanilla 4 ounces baking chocolate (roughly chopped) {more} and just in case you haven’t seen this pic from my previous post, I am sharing it with you again. 

Food: Appetizers For Dinner

I normally let my taste buds dictate what we will be having for dinner, and today it seems like a ton of finger foods are in order to pair up with beer. Don’t know why, but these days all I crave is beer. So here we go – click on photo to find the recipe: And for dessert – of course there is dessert and a few class movies here, here, and here and lots of snuggles from my dog Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Food: Dinner Tonight – Quesadilla

You know, sometimes you have to follow your cravings. Like last night, where I knew exactly what I wanted to make for dinner while commuting home from work, and by the time I got home, I craved roast chicken from the grocers with a side of home-made mashed potatoes and  sauté-d string beans with garlic and olive oil – again my  recipe. Today, I am actually serving breakfast for dinner – or ingredients decided to be used mostly for breakfast and in the form of this Quesadilla recipe: INGREDIENTS 6 large eggs kosher salt 1 tablespoon butter at room temperature 1 can (4 ounce) diced green chiles 1-2 chipotle peppers in adobo, finely chopped   4 whole wheat or regular flour tortillas 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1/2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese 4 slices cooked crispy bacon, lightly crumbled    {I’ll be using Turkey bacon for our family} 1-2 cups baby spinach or arugula 2 tablespoons fresh chopped chives extra virgin olive oil, for cooking AVOCADO SALSA 1/2 cup fresh cilantro 1 tablespoon fresh chopped chives or green onions 1 jalapeño, seeded and chopped juice from 1 lime 1 avocado, diced kosher salt   {more} Followed by this …

Sunday Edition: Movies, Novels and Chocolate

If someone were to ask me what my plans were today, I’d  say, stay in bed all day, napping in between reading, and watching classic films. It’s just that kind of day. I did much walking yesterday, along the beach and Land’s End in San Francisco – yes the weather cooperated enough, and while walking did too much thinking. So today, here’s the plan: After waking up at four in the morning to feed my dog, crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head (I lied- shoulders) and go back to sleep. Wake up, make coffee, and crawl back into bed, and read a few chapters of this novel – which is too well written to put down, but too depressing to read all of it at one sitting/laying/lounging. Play on cellphone – color-by-number for about thirty minutes, or until I fall back asleep Then a classic film, another snooze, after which I sit up, to watch in full  a second film before slowly crawling out of bed, just in time to eat …

Food: Chocolate Panna Cotta for Breakfast?

This morning I craved pudding of sorts. Don’t ask, and no I’m not expecting. I simply and utterly craved pudding+chocolate, but had to be careful of the ingredients when searching for a recipe, which as you know, I am always adjusting to make it Keto-friendly.  The one I found here is filed under gluten-free, which sometimes can cross over to Keto and it sounded delicious enough to make and have for breakfast. Okay, okay – I had my usual cup of coffee, two boiled eggs very early in the morning, and for a mid-morning snack while working on my next novel, I craved this wonderful pick-me-up. {Take note, I love recipes from international bloggers} ORIGINAL Ingredients For the chocolate panna cotta 500 ml 16,89 fl oz – 2 cups + 1 3/4 tablespoons of fresh cream 100 ml 3,38 fl oz – 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoons of fresh whole milk 1 to nka bean 50 g of sugar 1,76 oz – 4 tablespoons 15 g of gelatin sheets 0,53 oz 150 g of dark chocolate 5,29 oz – 1 1/3 bar   *** I use organice 70pct to 90pct  …

Just A Cake – You Might Say

I stay away from desserts as much as possible – but when one click leads you to a healthy baking recipe such as this gorgeous take on a cake, you share, you bake, and you indulge: INGREDIENTS: For the cake: 2 cups blanched almond flour ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder ½ tsp baking soda ½ tsp Himalayan pink salt 2 eggs 2/3 cup maple syrup 1/3 cup water 1 Tbsp vanilla For the vegan chocolate ganache: 4 oz unsweetened baking chocolate 4 Tbsp coconut oil 4 Tbsp maple syrup ½ cup almond butter ¼ cup almond milk or coconut milk {more}

Sunday Morning Reads 100817

I felt the chill of Autumn this morning – after leaving my window wide open overnight – since the 70 degree temps from the evening before. Something we experience here in San Francisco in October. Even though it was cold, it felt wonderful to breathe in the clean early morning air, and opening my eyes to the moon glistening over the Pacific. Soon enough with a cup of tea in hand, I came across these cool articles to share: Food: First breakfast or brunch idea – pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes: Decor: Old World Parisian Decor meets modern according to Dwell Online     Travel: 12 Museums in Paris not to miss especially when you plan a trip in late Fall And How Long A Vacation Should Be:   Lifestyle: If you long to work from home – here’s a list of companies that are hiring to do just that. Also the affects of anxiety and what it does to your body {featured image credit}

Travel: Paris in the Fall

I’ve been thinking hard about taking a trip to Paris in the next few weeks, well…because I simply miss it. So while searching the best airfare, and rates at my favorite hotel, I came across this interesting article in Timeout Online of the 21 things not to miss while in Paris in the fall. Which, makes my need to go even better :).  Here’s what I would be doing:

Weddings: Fall Cake Ideas

I love cake. Not necessarily to eat, but rather to simply admire the decor. 🙂 Weird? Maybe. But since five I’ve always stopped and stared through the window of a bakery at the cakes on display – admiring the creative artist behind them all. I even walked a television series about cakes. So…this site has 16 beautifully Fall cake decorating ideas to consider – should you be tying the knot. Check out some of my favorites:  

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 6

I’ve sort of lagged off on this topic for the sake of other variations of putting all similar topics into one entry  rather than a mix-match of topics. But then I realized since our brains are now programmed to wander off here and there clicking on links to read this and that, I should revisit my interesting finds online. Vol 6 goes something like this: 1. Ten products that promises to transform your hair, nails and skin while you sleep! 2. I don’t know about you, but I do admire Jennifer Aniston the most from her generation of actors who managed to set a standard for the rest of us to follow, in terms of looking and feeling this good. {photo source} 3. Five low-maintenance house plants is something I came across just in time, needing to refresh my studio apartment potted plants. 4. Here’s a suggestion for 20 lunches you can make over the weekend – although I do worry about how long freshly cut vegetables will last – but I am going to …