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Sunday Edition: Movies, Novels and Chocolate

If someone were to ask me what my plans were today, I’d  say, stay in bed all day, napping in between reading, and watching classic films. It’s just that kind of day. I did much walking yesterday, along the beach and Land’s End in San Francisco – yes the weather cooperated enough, and while walking did too much thinking. So today, here’s the plan:

After waking up at four in the morning to feed my dog, crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head (I lied- shoulders) and go back to sleep.

Wake up, make coffee, and crawl back into bed, and read a few chapters of this novel – which is too well written to put down, but too depressing to read all of it at one sitting/laying/lounging.

Play on cellphone – color-by-number for about thirty minutes, or until I fall back asleep

Then a classic film, another snooze, after which I sit up, to watch in full  a second film before slowly crawling out of bed, just in time to eat a late breakfast or lunch?

Crave chocolate and realize there isn’t any at home, so opt for a cup of salted caramel hot coco – which does the trick.

Turn on computer, with the intent to dedicate a few hours to my next novel, and get sidetracked with these interesting articles – which naturally I need to share:

15 easy and healthy breakfasts you can prep all in a day – click here

How Highly Successful Women Make the Most of Friday – click here

Tips for how to stay organized in life – click here

I fell in love with Emily Blunt in Devil Wears Prada, and since then I have seen most of her films. And I guess the internet knowing that, has sent my way this article – Emily Blunts skincare routine – click here

More topics, eating chocolate before bedtime is ideal, says this article.

A beautifully decorated Spanish Style Home to adore 

The topic about women who watch porn 


And in case you are wondering what my evening will look like – there are a few phone calls to be made to loved ones, and dinner to be prepared –  then off to bed to read some more.

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