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How To Style Festive Shoes Past The Holidays

I was shopping for just the right pair of shoes for a couple of holiday parties I said YES to.  Keeping in mind, that I would like to wear the trendy pair,  past the holidays, so I made sure I chose styles that might just work all year around. And then I saw this article and wanted to give you a visual of how some us think, when buying shoes: And had I known this blazer was going to make a come back right about now, I would have kept my original from the late 90’s – instead of donating it to a thrift shop. What about you do you ever regret giving away some of your clothes which are back in fashion?

Holiday Fashion: Stand Out In Your Style

I totally admire those who stand out tastefully in their fashion sense, mix-matching various blends and patterns to create an outfit that is perfectly defining of their personality. So that’s what I am attempting to do for this holiday season, picking out outfits that define who I am, without creating the wrong kind of buzz at a party or two or three – for work and play. Here’s what I mean:

Is It Bad To Compare Amal Clooney to Jackie Onassis – in fashion that is

I don’t know about you but the first glimpse of George Clooney’s then girlfriend, Amal, and all I could think about was how much she resembled Jackie Onassis.  A modern day version of course.   Same sort of flair I think, and I am seeing more and more each day why George has fallen in love with this mediterranean beauty and brains. Lucky for some of us,  Bazaar has posted some of Amal’s most stylish looks, which naturally I love. Take a look and let me know what you think?

new years cocktail and an inspiring outfit

I consider New Year’s Eve festivities sexy, as long as it’s done right. With that concept, I have decided to duplicate the following ensemble with a twist of course for this years celebration, since it’s just a less -than-formal get together with close friends: Here’s what I envision instead: With that said, here’s my choice of cocktail for this year’s New Year’s Eve gathering: What’s your plans and do share your cocktail of choice.

holiday party dress on a shoestring

 I know you may think it’s too early to shop for party dresses for the impending holiday season, but in all reality it’s just around the corner.  Company events, cocktail parties, get together(s) and even weddings – in less than a month away. . So, it’s not that early. The benefit of shopping now is to, save yourself from the agony of looking for something in your size, reasonably prices and versatile.  I always go black and on occasion, I shift my choice to very subtle colors or a pop of red.  Nordstrom is promoting their holiday dresses at the moment by means of email blast and since I happen to be on their list, I got a first (or not) look at their inventory and here are my picks for the perfectly priced party dress.