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Let’s Touch Base

Recent meetings at work are titled…let’s touch base. I suppose only because of yet another re-org, restructure, and re-re et all. Which gets me thinking on days where I feel off, that if it is still worth the fight? To stay focused, see the bigger picture, and all things that drives one to aim for the ultimate success in their career. Until…that part of life, trumps all others and you realize on the seventh day of December, that you haven’t made an effort to decorate the house, nor focus on the upcoming holiday. Then you look around, and think, perhaps the joy of the holiday season is no longer the way it once was. And that we are all simply going through the motion of making Christmas happen. Am I alone in this thinking? And…forgive me for sounding downbeat…but I do wonder if we will ever get back the true spirit of Christmas? What are you thoughts?

Cozy Sunday

For the first time in a while I feel the need to simply stay home and read, nap and watch Downton Abby – A New Era on Netflix. Also make a cozy dinner for the clan struggling with all sorts of food allergies. Here’s what I am currently reading – mostly for the escape, or in place of the travel I’ve been aching to do, but can’t at the moment. Since I have become my mother’s caregiver. Naps are always a good idea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s the best way to reset for the week. I wish Downton Abby could return as a series on television, as these bits of stories told through film is simply not enough. Hopefully setting back the clock this weekend will level us all. I don’t about you, but I’ve had many sleepless nights leading to… Lastly Sunday dinner plans – I normally keep pretty basic. Roast chicken is my go to for Sunday dinners and this recipe is one I will be aiming for tonight: How about …

So Here We Go

I love the optimism at the start of a new year. The smiles, the laughter while family and friends are gathered in restaurants for a celebratory New Year’s dinner. And so we shall do our best to maintain the feeling by controlling only what we can, and not dwell on things we cannot for 2022. We shall make our mental health top priority, and avoid being consumed by all things negative. We shall find happiness by focusing on the smallest of wonders, and when in doubt, seek spiritual guidance in seeing those miracles. That’s how I see 2022

Searching for That Silver Lining

Apparently I had a smile on my face the other day that troubled my family members. It’s the sort of smile I produce when I am thinking and plotting and re-organizing priorities in my head. You see, recently I’ve been tossing around the idea of scaling back on work and finding a new career adventure which actually and truly makes me happy. Because of this back-and-forth, I’ve been buying novels with that very synopsis in play. Woman leaves life and moves somewhere. Woman finds new joy in life. Woman buys a cottage and transforms it. Woman learns life lessons and so on. I mean you get the picture. So I smile, with every purchase of these very novels which are going to become my inspiration to make that leap or ‘bounce’ from the unfulfilling and into a more simple and yet gratifying life. I’ve been caught with the very smile, when I stroll through a park or a quant neighborhood adoring all things nature, steadily and very colorfully readying for winter. It’s all part of …

For The Love of Autumn

If someone were to ask what my favorite season was I’d probably change the order depending on the time of the year. Meaning: In mid-March I’d say Spring was my favorite time of year. In June I’d say summer, and nearing September I would switch to Fall/Autumn. But yesterday afternoon I stepped out to my garden, in the crispy cool-ish air to examine my plants, which were beginning to show signs of distress. Side note: I once had an amazing garden in another home. But for some reason I am struggling with my current nothing-but-sandy-soil. I realized that I truly adore the fall season and all of its glorious colors…why is it so? Go here for 40 fall recipes Here for fall desserts For the baker, this is your season

Let’s Catch Up

A common text message across any social media or even over a chat medium at work. Catch up requires so much work really these days, more so if you are not emotionally in a good spot. Or are simply overwhelmed with life. Is it really the first day of Fall? Is Christmas truly just around corner? I’ve recently allowed so many things to bring me down…I thought I was over this stage in life, where I am not as bothered as I was in my 20s. But I guess I was wrong. And if I were to excuse my actions, I would have to say perhaps vulnerability has paved the way to our way of thinking and feeling since the pandemic. The world is also changing, I feel much faster than we are programmed to adapt. I once had a neighbor, who always smiled. I mean even while walking to his car, and back into the house alone, he smiled. When I asked him once, how he was able to be this way, he told …

Comfort Zone

How do you manage being out of your comfort zone? This is something I am struggling with recently. I mean I love a good challenge at work, but sometimes, when dealing with issues falling into the grayish zone, it is very challenging…to make the ‘right call’. Naturally working remotely doesn’t help. Or does it? I mean at least, no one can see you panicking if you don’t have your camera turned on. Normally, I take a day or two to ponder over a situation and do some research to come up with the best solution or one with minimal risk attached to it. But even then I am up at night after the decision is put in place, second guessing myself. So here’s my list of questions to you How do build the confidence level to go past your comfort? Is fear of failing stopping you from making decisions? Are you a risk taker who is good with dealing with the consequences later?

Lazy Sunday Vibe

I love the idea of lazy Sundays. Although life hardly allows for such a wonderful concept with all the errands and other responsibilities taking up too much time in our lives. But still, there is no harm in imaging being lounged on a recline, on a terrace overlooking a body of water somewhere along the coastal villages in Greece or Italy or on a hammock in a tropical destination, just to name a few. Because just maybe…the universe is paying attention…