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Doing Our Best

As if Instagram reads my mind past my search topics on my phone…because it sends me topics at the very moment I need them most.

Pictures of Puppies, and all sorts of animals in the wild, nature, sceneries and more, hoping to boost my otherwise questionable moods of late.

There is a lot I have done this past year to grow. Mostly spiritually so that I am able to live a peaceful life as possible in an environment that has changed since the pandemic at an unprecedented rate. But sometimes, even the best of photos and the touching of all quotes and revelations relayed to me through social media cannot change the way certain days pan out.

Today was that day, where the worst of decisions were made in our work space by those not willing to listen to reason or experience. Decisions, which now cannot be undone, or reversed and the rest of us are left with having to figure out how best to muddle through them…

Photo by Felipe Cespedes on

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