Month: July 2013

finding peace within yourself

I sometimes wonder, if, when I get together with people, they complain about how unhappy they are just to make conversation or they are truly unhappy. Because often times, after spending a few hours listening to their stories, concerns, worries, fears and what nots repeatedly, I walk away thinking, why don’t you make a change? Is it that hard to make a change or is it harder to accept your life as it is and just live it to the fullest? What drives us to be who we are and how come some people take the initiative to make their lives better for themselves and others don’t? Come to think of it, is everyone the same and some just know how to cope better? Any thoughts?

weekend worries dampening my mood

The past weekend didn’t turn out to be anything I expected. In fact, it wasn’t the best weekend and one that I wouldn’t want to remember after this entry. I faced many challenges, and definitely a few set backs and now, I am dealing with the aftermath of trying to regroup. In the meantime, I want to take the next few days, to stay off my blog, so that my mood doesn’t spread and I can return fully charged. Thanks for understanding: