Month: February 2022

Beautiful Things

Hail, crazy winds, and freezing temperatures with a layer of ice on all surfaces, has been the most interesting of events this week. Outside of work politics and set-backs. I actually tuned into relaxation music over Pandora last night to combat the anxiety from madness everywhere keeping me awake most nights. I know we are all feeling the same… For that reason, I am hopeful this will inspire you to do whatever that makes you smile today

What To Watch On Television

I don’t have a specific genre, in terms of choosing films or television series to watch. I just click and go from one streaming app to the next based on the film/show poster. I used to care about the who and the why, but I’m more now going with – just entertain me please. Here’s the recent recommends. I’ve got more, but will pause until next time. What films/televisions series do you recommend? Featured image source and full credit

What’s On My Mind This Week

I wake up every Monday very optimistic about the week. Although I face many daily challenges, I’d like to give the week a change to unfold in a surprising manner. And you know what? It does not disappoint. I get surprised by the hurdles, the funny moments, the laughter, some form of irritation, and even despair on a daily basis. Which by the way all sort of disappear by Sunday afternoon, when I stream a recap of all things the past week in an effort to move on. I used to bottle it all up, and dwell but with age 🙂 I am learning to let go more. So here’s the problem. This morning I have a virtual call with a life coach. Something my company offered and I jumped on the chance of ‘perhaps’ learning something new or revisiting things I’ve sort of lost track of. I am always open to learning I will fill you in on how it goes. But I do have to say I am a bit anxious about the …

Beautiful Things In Travel

Friday could not have come fast enough this week. I don’t know if I was done with January or… just about anything else that makes us all ache for the weekend. When we can simply unwind (hopefully) and not always be accountable for the demands of a work week. Although, for some sort of balance, I did watch many episodes of Rick Steve’s Europe travels from years past. And naturally I felt the most beautiful things I wanted to share this week, was all about places I have been in Europe. Take care.

Tuesday Topics of Interest

We’ve had Spring-like weather in San Francisco for a couple of weeks now, and although I wish it would rain more, I am happy with the chance that I can enjoy the bright sunny days. So although the plan this morning is to attend one meeting after another, I wanted to share some interesting topics I came across. Just in case you are bundled up at home aching for a distraction or two or three. 😉 Have you see 11.22.63 on Hulu? A suspense thriller based on Stephen King’s novel about the assassination of JFK. Although since it is based on events which actually happened in American and even world history, I found it most interesting to get a glimpse of what would have happened if time travel allowed us to go back in time and ‘fix’ a problem or two. If you have seen it, I have to ask. What did you think of the actor portraying Lee Harvey Oswald’s character. I was feeling a little off this past week, and probably my worst …