Month: September 2013

comfy designer boots for fall – winter 2013

Although I live in California and in all reality don’t really need boots like some other parts of the nation and the world, I do love incorporating them into my wardrobe. This year/season’s winners are: Chloe shearling-line leather wedge ankle boots USD1295 Esquivel Shelley two-tone boots USD685 Gianvitto Rossi suede ankle boots USD850 Rag and Bone Ayle suede boot USD595 Tory Burch Suede wedge ankle USD395 {Source: click here}

paris look for the woman over 40

I’m really having withdrawal and I can’t help but look at all things Paris. Fashion, art, culture, news, blogs and more to get my fix. So, it’s no surprise that I wanted to add my list of make-up essentials for the woman over 40 on my blog: Left top to right bottom: Chantecaille faux cils lash mascara, Chantecaille gel liner pencil, Kevyn Aucoin precision liquid liner, le metier de beaute eye liner, Ellis Faas creamy lips L101, Ilia tinted lip conditioner bang bang, RGB classic red nail polish, Kevyn Aucoin the creamy glow patrice, le metier de beaute blushing bronzed duet, le metier de beaute creme fresh tint poppy, RMS beauty lip2cheek demure, le metier de beaute lip creme, chantecaille luminous gloss pink melon. {Source: click here}

considering a short hairdo

Every fall, not sure why, I get the urge to chop my hair off – then I retract my decision and go into the salon asking for a simple trim. I found some interesting styles to choose from, but do I dare take the risk. I mean hair will grow back, and I know this, but if it’s not the right short do, the style tends to age me much more than I want it to. Not to mention the fact, how much I hate the in-between style while I wait for my hair to grow back. What do you think – would you dare try a new style after 40? {SOURCE CLICK here}

can’t i just stay here

Getting back into the swing of things after my flight back to the US, is probably the most difficult thing to do. It almost feels like I was in a coma and now am awake, trying to stand up on my own two feet, stumbling mostly. The only glue that’s holding me together right now, is the fact, my loyal dog won’t leave my side. It’s really difficult to be me right now. So, please stand by and I will get it together enough to share again, my opinion on most anything. 😉

thoughts on vacations

When I plan my annual trip, privately, and once confirmed send a global message to my co-workers announcing that I’ll be out of the office, some frown upon the fact, that I choose to travel. Although I respect their opinion, I cannot for the life of me understand how they go an entire year, without taking a single day off from work other than the usual weekends and company sponsored holidays. The ten days I spend away from the norm, not only revives my soul, it helps me think, plan and make a list of goals I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. Not to mention the fact, gives me the courage to push for what I really want out of life. Call me crazy, but how do people go on, bypassing any type of vacation and saving their earned time off for a rainy day instead? On my last and only day in Paris to catch a flight back to the U.S. the sun came out miraculously from a week or more …

day 7 – french riviera in a nutshell

I always make a pit stop in the French Riviera, particularly Cannes and spend about 3 nights at the least in a part of the world I would like to retire to someday. Usually or in the past, the weather had cooperated in early September, my annual visit to the region and I normally left for Paris on the TGV with a wonderful tan. Not so much this year. Although sunny, it’s been unusually cold and windy or perhaps usual from the locals point of view. I just have never experienced it. What I also found interesting is that this is actually the first time, there was only a handful of people at the beach. I know it was because of the weather, but still, it all seemed unreal. I did my touring, shopping, sunbathing a little, wonderful dining and a stroll along the promenade – even though I was freezing my buns off – it mattered not – I was in the French Riviera for only three days.