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Travel: U.S. Lakes To Add To Your Bucket List

My bucket list is growing. It’s funny, all my adult life, I figured abroad was the only way to getaway and that I’ve done all the U.S. travel I needed to in between: New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Colorado, Washington State, Washington D.C., Oregon, Chicago, naturally all of California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and even New Mexico and Alabama, I’ve seen them all, or so I think of course: So here’s to my list of five lakes in the U.S. I will be visiting 2021 and the rest spread out over time.  Looks like the RV concept is going to become a reality after all :). Featured image source and full credit

Weekend Recap and Mood For The Week

As promised, I did venture out to San Ramon and Danville (California) to see about new home development sites and while walking through the many 4000 square foot ‘family homes’ I felt no desire to uproot and move out of my old house and into one that felt so not like a place I could call my home. I suppose I love the old, the charming architecture, creaky floors, slanted walls, and my ocean view too much to consider anything but investing in upgrades – electrical, structural and a professional landscape, and a polish on the old hardwood floors.  This is something I am now one hundred percent certain I want to tackle. But I did walk away with some ideas of course, in decor 🙂 Bathroom tile, bay windows, landscape, a dedicated laundry space, tile work and more On Sunday, we drove out to Tiburon with hopes the fog remained at bay, San Francisco bay and for the most part it did. We managed to sightsee this fair town in a whole different spectrum. …

Travel: Small American Towns

Having lived in a big city for most of my life, has me, every weekend escaping to the suburbs or the smaller towns throughout California – such as San Luis Obispo, Roseville, Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Tahoe, Auburn and more. Mostly to drive through the farmlands, and appreciate all the hard work farmers do to bring us the freshest of produce. So with the lockdown across the U.S. – we can and should only get into our cars and explore our own neck of the woods for now and then consider venturing out to across the state to 60 alternatives. Here’s to my bucket list:    featured image – Damascus, Virginia – check out the rest of the list here Where would you go for a drive?

Weekend Wrap and Mood For The Week

Welcome back everyone and I hope you had a nice weekend. I would love to hear all about it if you care to share. Otherwise, I am glad you have you back here, humoring me a bit with my this and that thoughts I share sometimes planned and other times on a whim. While I walked over 7 miles each day, I spent the time contemplating so many things – out loud to my walking partner and some inside my head. Thoughts like… What makes people so angry in life that they need to lash out one way or another? Wondering how much longer can small businesses sustain under this new lifestyle? Would you shop for work clothes, if you knew you might never be able to return to an actual office? Would you travel across the country and visit with family and friends, when the pandemic is still not contained in the U.S.? Is hate a type of mental disorder? Or hate is needed to fuel humankind to succeed? Will I ever want to …

Travel: In The Know

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching many films on location, mostly in Europe to get my fix. Besides that, I do wonder when this country is going to take all of this seriously and do their part to, at the very least, flat time this pandemic. For the rest of the world, or places where you’ve played safe enough to be allowed to travel, you might find these topics a good read: Have you considered travelling this summer? What form of travel have you done? Would you stay in hotels or Airbnb? {featured image source and full credit}

Weekend Recap and A Few Thoughts

The topic of conversation during one of the most beautiful weekends in San Francisco – meaning lots of sun and warm weather – which is highly unlikely during the summer months. Anyway, the topic was – would you buy a mask in all sorts of color and my partner in crime instantly shook his head to imply not a chance, he would stick to only black. Which was the original mask I ordered online at the start of the COVID wear a mask don’t wear a mask debate. I do wonder though, if perhaps buying a mask that best expresses a person would actually force them to wear the mask? Anyway, past the mask the weirdest attention we received during our walk about the park was – us carrying a pizza box from the corner pizzeria to the park for lunch and having families point it out to their kids. 🙂 Besides the walks and FaceTime talks with family and friends, I watched movies of course – like most of us and did a few …

Travel: Travel Abroad On Your Staycation

I’ve been a bit grumpy lately over the fact, the U.S. has relapsed, causing all states to retract parts of their post-lockdown phased openings. Not to mention the fact, we’ve been banned from travel to Europe. This too has caused my mind to hurt. Last week, I did a bit of staycation, where I ventured 20-60 miles out of San Francisco to explore parks and small towns mostly by driving through, hoping to find similarities in places in Europe I so miss. This list naturally caught my attention, about places in America’s western region where one can experience a bit of Europe. This also works well for all those stuck in the U.S. since the lockdown. Just remember to wear a mask, if you plan to drive through these towns for the fourth of July weekend holiday. Where in your neck of the woods can be compared to a European destination? {featured image full credit and source}